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In this article, we explain how HyperMotion Technology works and how it can benefit your FIFA gameplay. To get started, take a look at our new behind-the-scenes video on how we created FIFA’s “HyperMotion Technology”.

A low-down on player motion capture (MOCAP) technology

MOCAP creates the animation and physics of every playable player in-game. Every FIFA player has a unique animation and control schemes. For instance, a player might use ‘slide tackle’, to lunge at the ball and attempt to win it back by carrying it for a distance. A player might use ‘pole tackle’, to stab at the ball and win it back by pushing it back to the goalkeeper. The speed and style of a player’s animation depends on the complexity of the tackle, the position of the player on the pitch, and how hard the player hits the ball. The physics of the game also depends on the player’s speed, the player’s mass and the size of the pitch.

Motion capture is performed in-game by recording the real world movements of a player, from the player’s head, neck and shoulder to their hands and feet. The player is filmed in a motion capture suit equipped with dozens of infra-red cameras, as well as force plates, the Microsoft Kinect and a 12-camera Red laser system.

When the player in the motion capture suit holds a ball, for instance, the capture system’s infra-red cameras and force plates record the distance between the players’ feet and their total mass, which adds to the realism of the animation.

The cameras and force plates record the player’s distance from the ball, and the direction of their head and upper body. This data is used to calculate every player’s speed, acceleration, height, distance travelled, number of touches, height at which the player is in contact with the ball, and the player’s position on the pitch.

The video data also helps EA Sports’ teams to recreate the on-pitch actions they perform in real life. For instance, a player might dink a ball over the goalkeeper’s head, win a tackle or a penalty, or slide towards the ball from outside the penalty area.

Players’ heading direction is measured by the motion


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Reflect The World’s Incredible Feet: The most incredible feature of FIFA 22 is the fact it can feature all faces of the world. Each character reflects the world with their unique look, feel, and acceleration on the field.
  • Authentic Player Performance: Choose players wisely and help your team to defeat your opponents as you optimize your squad and player performance. Overcome fatigue, cover the pitch with a tactical role, and balance game conditions to gain the upper hand in a variety of environments. Use the improved behaviour models to tackle, pass, run, dribble and shoot to dramatically change player traits, and employ a new technique that sees players quickly adapting their game to the unique demands of the pitch.
  • Run Control: Using the new Run Control system players can step on or slide with their right stick to feint, dribble, and shake off pursuit. Sliding with the stick, speeding away, and switching direction are the only ways to escape from a danger zone.
  • Over-The-Top AI: Team management is easier than ever before with the game’s new AI tactics, improving team shape and playing to your lead man when creating chances. Now, create your own personal ASO and aim to lead your team to your personal golden goal. Beat your team with an entire range of super finesse moves that reward players for stepping up and making the correct decision even in dire situations.
  • Confidence Attacks: Perform moves that impact your opponents’ confidence and instill fear in your opponents to unbalance teams. Explore new ways to boost confidence and tackle problems. Combine an exceptional technique based on players’ strengths with a unique set of options to deliver even the toughest headers
  • Dual Pivot Interception: Even if your markers are put on the beat, you are never too far from the action. Interceptions are tough decisions but vital when you know your marker has been beaten. It’s easy to get caught up in the action but with Dual Pivot Interceptions you can use the almost unlimited options for running the ball or shielding the ball to avoid being marked.
  • New Team Management and Tactics: When you’re ahead at half-time choose your new strategy to achieve victory. Use everything in your possession to prove yourself by pacing the match, making the game feel more tactical and intense.

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    FIFA 20 is a videogame based on the popular international football game. It is developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts.

    FIFA lets you live out your dream of being a professional football player, manager or announcer. Play any of 21 football-playing nations across multiple game modes. From international club competition, to friendly matches, to the goal-laden Olympics, FIFA lets you live out your passion for the beautiful game and your country’s national team.

    Your country plays


    Club World Cup

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    Play FIFA Ultimate Team, where you create and manage your own team from over 50 legendary players. Earn more than 100 player cards, including superstars, club greats and World Cup winners. Choose your playstyle: attack, defense, or creativity and use it to shape the game.

    Your team performs


    UEFA Champions League

    FIFA 18

    FIFA 20

    Pick a club and compete in the UEFA Champions League. Choose to play as one of 32 clubs in the competition: Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, Club Atlético de Madrid, Juventus, and more.

    Your players perform

    FIFA News

    FIFA 20

    FIFA 20

    Play the game and experience all the life-like drama and intensity of live sports. Watch LIVE action from around the world, as it happens, including the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus, and the FIFA World Cup. Experience the game like never before with improved controls and gameplay precision, stunning visuals and realistic animations, and new trophies and honors, including a day in the life of the Brazilian National Team.

    Your country advances



    FIFA 20

    FIFA 20

    Be the best you can be in an all-new experience for solo players. Choose your preferred sportsman from the six disciplines (Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Golf) to play locally or via connectivity. Compete on FIFA’s new 2.0 platform with 360° moves, system-wide multiplayer, and new gameplay improvements.

    Add-on content

    FIFA 20

    FIFA 20

    Get FIFA 20 Expansion Packs featuring new content, monthly* updates to gameplay systems, and great in-game items. Explore more than 60 leagues around the world in one


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    iaBUILDING represents the most authentic form of matchday experience available in football. With Ultimate Team, play as a manager or a player, be the creator of your team, and compete with your friends in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) community.

    What’s more, with Battle Champions, play in custom matches and face your friends in new modes like Draft Champions, Season Challenges, and Blitz Battles. And with the most complete FIFA Ultimate Team experience on the market, build the greatest squad possible.

    NEW TEAMMATE MODES – New to the FIFA franchise, teams can now win a match by playing the entire game with another team instead of a single player. Play in a variety of different ways, from the classic 4v4 team match to multiple option matches, with over 40 unique modes, including the all-new Skins Blitz, Enforcer, and Kicking Arena matches.

    2018 FIFA World Cup – Developed as a celebration of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the official videogame of the tournament features a mix of classic and modern gameplay, as well as exciting new features. Throughout the title, a new narrative mode will deliver the experience of competing in the World Cup, while an expanded career mode will offer fans of all ages the chance to play as their favorite national team and live their dream of competing in the world’s most prestigious international competition.

    UEFA EURO 2020™ – The UEFA EURO 2020™ videogame is the official videogame of the UEFA EURO 2020™. FIFA World Cup™, UEFA EURO™ and national team stars, teams, clubs and arenas from all over the world will form the backdrop to a thrilling tournament experience.

    FIFA 20 develops and improves upon the gameplay features introduced in FIFA 19 by introducing the brand new The Journey – a dynamic single-player story campaign that allows you to play through an authentic tournament experience or go head-to-head against football legends.

    Career Mode – Exclusively for the FIFA franchise, Career Mode re-imagines the basics of the player/coach experience. As a player or manager, you now have six distinct career paths to follow that will be defined by whether you prefer to be a free-style freelancer or fit your football club around a strict training regimen.

    Player Experience – The Player Experience brings a richer and more immersive football experience to the FIFA franchise. In Career Mode, you can now progress your player through the distinct stages of their childhood, youth, professional


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

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