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EA SPORTS creates world-class sports video games that are the essential play for every sports enthusiast. The EA SPORTS lineup has appeared on the top 10 best-selling game lists for the past 25 years and is among the most successful sports franchises of all time. Players take on the roles of their favorite real-life athletes on the pitch and compete in the most authentic and socially connected sports gameplay experience on any platform. EA SPORTS offers sports gaming for desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and delivers a full suite of products and services that connect fans to the EA SPORTS community. For more information, visit http


Features Key:

  • Breathtaking graphics come to life on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC, powered by the newly optimized Frostbite engine.
  • Live your ultimate dream of becoming a true Pro, fulfill your ambitions, rise from the amateur ranks to the pinnacle of the world’s premier competition.
  • Career Mode comes to the next level with new ways to develop your player, compete in a variety of competitions, earn titles, and climb your way through your club’s reputation ladder.
  • Challenge yourself in the official online modes by connecting to 50 million online players and competing against them to be the best FIFA player on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Live the day of the game with features such as a tutorial, online Leaderboards, and customized Player Cards. Also, have fun with EA SPORTS™ Football Club, FIFA Ultimate Team, and FIFA Digital Leagues, as well as the new Story Mode.
  • New depth of emotion and expression – with more animations, storytelling and emotional plays.
  • Intuitive control systems – enhanced controls with new Attack, Tackle and Ball Control behaviours.
  • World-class presentation – including improved player models, reflections, crowds and new animations in the stadium and crowds.


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FIFA is the world’s leading sports videogame franchise. FIFA 21 is the biggest release to date, fuelled by innovations in gameplay, modes and authentic sports experiences. With a new Season Mode and the ‘Football Journey’, FIFA 21 pushes you to compete, compete, compete, and the game itself to the limits.

What’s new?

New official kits and stadiums in four key stadiums: Camp Nou, Anfield, Parc Olympique Lyonnais and the City of Manchester.

No summer break: get ready for a summer of top-notch action and buzz.

New innovation and gameplay features in FIFA Ultimate Team, Live Season and custom matchmaking.

11 new player positions and roles – in total, more than 1000 improvements in player stability, player intelligence and team synergy.

New animation system – bringing ball physics and player control closer to the real thing.

New facial animation tool – allowing players to express their emotions more naturally.

New on-pitch actions and player movement – improved control and accuracy.

New overtaking system.

New fair play system – offering smarter, more fair and inspiring gameplay.

Personal celebrations – experience the joy of expressing yourself and celebrate with your friends.

AI team management – improved player movement and decision making.

Improved goal celebrations with more creativity – now you can be the star of the show!

Breakthroughs in in-game systems – more than 1000 improvements in player stability, player intelligence and team synergy.

Please note that some of the features of FIFA 21 are only available on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

• New official kits and stadiums

Camp Nou

• Anfield

• Olympique Lyonnais

• City of Manchester

• Champions League and Europa League kits

• New FC Barcelona 2018/19 and Real Madrid 18/19 kits

• New kits for league matches

• New kits for Goalkeeper kits

• Customise your kits in FIFA Ultimate Team.

• You can now see which team you’re playing on in FIFA 21.

• New Valencia CF kit and stadium

• New Man City 2019/20 kit

New innovations and gameplay features in FIFA Ultimate Team, Live Season and custom matchmaking

New search system in Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team


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Choose a team of players to use in your Ultimate Team. Create and customize players from over 350 real-life players to create your own dream squad. You can even use Community Created Players from FIFA 18 or from FIFA Ultimate Team.

Real World Rivals –
The latest evolution of the popular MyClub mode. Compete in real world matches and compete with your friends in customizable mini-tournaments that test your technique and skills.

FUT Draft –
Pick your favorite real players from a new FUT Draft tool that includes over 30,000 players, sourced from all the clubs in the game, allowing you to create your very own FUT club from the ground up.

The Journey –
Take the journey of a lifetime with the challenge of the ever-popular Journey Mode. Score, earn experience and move through tiers of your career, embarking on international tournaments and competing in cup competitions like the FIFA Club World Cup and international friendly tournaments. You’ll also have the chance to earn coins and experience to build up your squad of players in the most addictive and rewarding mode in the series.

Respawn –
Choose your favorite real-world leagues and customize your team with real-world players and clubs! Take on your friends in single-player modes or jump online to take on other players or team up with your friends in the online modes and compete against real players in real-world leagues around the world.

Bonus game modes and specials:

Celebrity mode –
Pick players from over 100 of the biggest names in world sport. Become Gareth Bale, let Zlatan Ibrahimovic take your place and be your new Ronaldo, and maybe even ask Cristiano Ronaldo to play as your new Ronaldo.

Tournaments –
Pick your preferred mode of competition (Friendly, Pro Draft, Pro Leagues, etc) and challenge fellow FIFA fans around the world in competitive FIFA tournaments.

World Class Soccer –
Get ready for the next generation of FIFA gameplay with the new brand of football you’ve never seen before. Delve into a fully destructible stadium that reacts dynamically to your players’ performance. Enjoy a totally new goalkeeper gameplay, the most realistic penalty mechanic ever and a brand-new dribbling system. Discover 4X4 Football where you can switch from agile dribbling to more direct play, or switch to an approach mode (classic football) that’s ideal for a carefully worked-out strategy. Play solo,


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Introducing “HyperMotion Technology” – Every movement you make in-game, from the way you step onto the field to your goal-scoring, has been truly recreated and lives on in a new engine that moves with your ball. This new engine will make your pitch a living, breathing space for your players to play in.
  • New Leagues – Brazilian Second Division – Visit the war-torn land of Brazil in FIFA 22 to take part in the new Second Division football league, enhanced for increased player presence and visual differences. And as in real life, Brazil’s second-tier soccer matches will fall on weekends.
  • New Player Contract System – Customise the starting line-up, tweak your formation, and manage your squad from top to bottom. Ensure you have the best lineup to take out your opponents first as the ball is in the new-look Player Contract system. Add new depth to your squad or overhaul it with individual player contracts.


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FIFA is the world’s greatest game – the world’s most popular sport. As the official video game of FIFA, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 carries on the series’ history of innovating gameplay for a more authentic and complete experience. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 will introduce new features, gameplay innovations and game modes, and a host of improvements across every facet of the game.

Some of these gameplay innovations are:

Roster Management: Player performance feedback is now based on game-wide performance metrics, including goals, shots, key passes, tackles, and interceptions. Players can now perform better in more situations, and take more control over their own development.

Game-wide Player Ratings: All players are now rated, with detailed performance summary for every game including “Earning” and “Investment” levels. Individual player training and coaching for each player and role at each youth academy stage will now be available.

Visible Transfer System: Players can now talk to other clubs and agents about potential moves. This provides players with an additional incentive for selecting the right clubs and agents to build themselves into the best athletes they can be.

AFC Radar: A new utility, AFC Radar, allows users to watch player performance live on the pitch and see where players are currently performing well, and where their potential lies.

New Unsigned Targets: Unsigned youth player targets can now be collected, and analyzed by users to identify new players to follow. Once signed, these players receive detailed profiles in the player development system, and the youth academy team’s performance will change accordingly.

A host of improvements are also being made to the game, including:

New Seasons: Traditional seasons are back – a long-requested feature.

Online Seasons: A new social experience for players and clubs, in which they join with friends and other players to play the same season.

Tactics: A completely new set of tactical tools built to give users more control over their team’s tactics and performance.

Match Engine: An all-new match engine provides a greater sense of clarity, impact and anticipation. Players and fans will be inspired by a match-day atmosphere, and the improved ball physics adds a new level of authenticity and realism.

Pre-Match Preparation: Clubs can now effectively prepare for matches by watching training sessions, and/or a live camera feed from the pitch to see how their team performs in the run-up to kick-off.


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. CPU: Intel i3-2120 @ 2.6GHz (or similar CPU)
Intel i3-2120 @ 2.6GHz (or similar CPU) RAM: 8GB
8GB HDD: 37GB or bigger
8GB SSD: 37GB or bigger
37GB SSD: 37GB or bigger GPU: DirectX 11


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