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The results are fantastic, as you can see from the video below, which offers a peek at gameplay demonstrations from the latest FIFA:

Yes, video game performance capture as a selling point is ridiculous, and it’s also not something players, clubs, leagues or even the media are willing to tolerate at this point.

But there’s a serious benefit too. FIFA has always been one of the best-looking games in existence, with beautiful motion graphics, character models, etc. But this new technology pushes the visuals and animations in the sport in new and interesting directions.

The game uses new facial animation techniques that highlight the game’s small changes in emotional expressions. For example, a celebratory pose might have sharpened eyes and jaw area that emphasize the dog-paw “grin.”

The game also modifies physical character models so that it can be affected by momentum, strength and agility. A player might be made slower and more awkward on the pitch if, for example, he is a strong but somewhat clumsy lineman. And an aerial shot might see a player’s character get struck by a ball, which might show impact injuries or other changes to the physical state of the player.

Below, you can see that FIFA has done some interesting things with facial animation. You can also see that the devs have gone the extra mile to give the game a sense of authenticity when it comes to character models.

It also uses new aerodynamic models that give the game an extra dimension when it comes to the way a player moves, performs an action, or carries the ball. It goes without saying that footballers are awesome, and FIFA 22 continues the trend of adding more subtlety and character in regards to motion models, though it remains to be seen how deep EA Sports will go with character animation. For the first time, you can see that the game has taken to heart that players are not just brick pieces of the game, they are physical objects that react in various ways, and that motion capture has the potential to be more than a sterile science fiction technology.

There’s also new lighting and post-processing effects, and overall the game looks better.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean FIFA 22 will be a massive graphical powerhouse. It’s still a nice-looking game that happens to be worth gawking at, which is probably the most important part of any game.


Features Key:

  • Live in the world’s most in-depth football simulation and become the best team with your own squad of digital superstars
  • Bring the pitch to life with realistic crowd chants, player celebrations and goal noise, and play up to 25 friendlies against club teams from around the world
  • Choose from 600+ teams in more than 30 leagues, every player from the world’s best leagues, and compete in six new game modes


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How to Buy a FIFA 20 Madden NFL 20 FIFA 20 NBA 2K 19 Madden NFL 20

How to Buy a FIFA 20

It’s your life; it’s your game. That’s why it’s your dream.

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FIFA 21 was one of the best games of the year, and has become a phenomenon and a cultural icon. With the game’s momentum, there was a natural tendency for a sequel to follow, so that the world wouldn’t need to wait four years between FIFA instalments.

This is why we’re here today, answering all your questions about how to buy a FIFA 20 – the sequel to one of the best football games of all time.

Where to Buy FIFA 20

FIFA 20 will be available physically and digitally on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Where to Buy FIFA 20 digitally

EA has confirmed that FIFA 20 will be available to digitally pre-order beginning on Sept. 13, while also confirming that FIFA 20 will be available for digital purchase in North America, Australia and New Zealand in the days leading up to the game’s release on Sept. 27.

Not only that, but the American outfit has given fans an early taste of what FIFA 20 will be bringing to the table, by giving everyone the chance to experience FIFA Ultimate Team.

How to Activate FIFA Ultimate Team

Starting off with FIFA 19, EA has brought back the improved Ultimate Team as we know it from previous FIFA games, and it’s not only in Ultimate Team that EA is bringing back the best of Ultimate Team. The publisher has also given fans the chance to play all new versions of five classic modes from Ultimate Team.

The game modes include:

– Draft

– Superdraft

– Club Championships

– Champions League

– FIFA 20 Championship

– Best Shot

– FUT Draft Champions

– FUT Draft Legend

For this game, EA and the FIFA development team have pushed themselves to deliver a new level of authenticity with a raft of major innovations, both on and off the field.


EA SPORTS FIFA 20 will be the most connected game in the history of the franchise.

The FIFA Ultimate Team engine utilises


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Play your way. Create your dream team from over 300 of the world’s best players, and take over the role of manager or player to create your own path to victory. From new ways to play against your friends online, to a deeper, more rewarding team management experience, Ultimate Team was designed to give you the freedom to play the way you want.

FIFA 22 Live Leagues –
Play the unique online season-long Live Leagues mode, where you’ll compete against your friends and the world. Winner is the person who racks up the most wins across multiple online gameplay modes.


Breaking new ground as players compete in the most authentic football experience ever, the original ball control system has been rebuilt from the ground up for greater interaction and a more authentic game on an all new CPU. The new ball physics and engine lead to improved speed of play, more natural ball rolls and bounces, and more realistic player and ball movement through the air. Respawn time has been reduced in both Career Mode and Online Seasons, while improving the recovery system that prevents player injuries.

One of the most realistic off-the-field features in the history of football, Live Now mode allows players to act as their very own FIFA broadcaster by using their unique features and abilities to interact with friends, call the game and do more to change the outcome of key matches.

Stunning visuals redefine the beauty of the game, with every player on the pitch now modeled with the same level of accuracy and detail as they are in real life, thanks to the introduction of the brand new Player ID system. Every detail has been carefully recreated from hair, to hair styles, to body shapes and more to give the players the look and feel that fans have always wanted.

The transfer market has never been better, thanks to the introduction of the brand new, highly evolved Transfer Contract, Club Draft and Loan Player, all of which allow fans to take control of their own club and create their own unique pathway to success. Now, thanks to the power of EA SPORTS Football Club, you are not only able to manage your own club, but also experience the pleasure of being a player.

EA SPORTS Football Club continues to be the most connected sports title in the world. With an all new progression model and unique Player ID system, your game-changing performances will allow you to improve your ranking in your very own player profile, whilst all the gear and special apparel you collect from playing, training and winning will be showcased in your


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