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We’ll describe how you can use Photoshop to create your own images from scratch and add elements to them, how to produce images that look professional, and offer a handful of helpful links.

Creating New Images

Use the Photoshop New Document Wizard to make a new document and then use the Page Setup option to set the dimensions of the document (the Image Size setting in the Page Setup box).

On the top menu bar, click File, then New, then Other and then New. A dialog box will open; name the document, select a default layout, and then click OK. You can use the Page Setup dialog to adjust the size of the image based on the selected page dimensions:

Double-click on the New Document icon in the Photoshop window to begin the process of creating a new image.

The first thing you do is set your Color Mode to 8-Bit Grayscale and choose an image from the Adobe Stock or your own local photo collection. Selecting an image from the local computer or an online photo collection creates a realistic, well-illustrated and properly proportioned image that looks professional.

Select the artwork you’d like to add to your image.

The next step is to change the Colors, Levels and Curves options to open the Photoshop’s Layers and Channels editor. Click on the New Adjustment Layer icon (the red arrow) at the bottom of the Layers panel and choose Levels from the menu. In the Levels dialog box that opens, switch to the Black and White tab and use the White Point Slider to set the white point (darkest white point) to 100.

The White Point slider controls the darkest white point on a value of 100.

There are three brightness bars on the image; choose the top one to set the darkest value of gray, the middle one to set the mid-dark gray, and the lowest one to set the lightest gray.

Click OK to return to the New Image window. The levels adjust for the entire image. Using the Curves panel will flatten the image and make adjustments to the illumination. Select the Black and White tab, change the Curves to its Dark side, and drag the Peak slider to the right to increase the contrast.

Using the Curves dialog box, increase contrast and convert the image to shades of gray.

Click OK to close the Curves dialog box

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The following Photoshop CC and Elements features may be available in Photoshop CC 2018. The new features for Photoshop CC and Elements 2020 are in development. Check back for updates!

Step-by-Step Process

We’ll walk you through the steps needed to edit and create an image using Photoshop Elements.

Check out more of our Photoshop tutorials.

Download Photoshop Elements

To create a new document, open the Elements application. Click on File > New > Image. Type a name for your document (for example: Mary’s Photo), select the Pixels as Units option and select the image size you want for your canvas.

Adjust the file’s size for the best quality. For best quality, we recommend setting the Width and Height to 1000. To resize an image or move it to a new location in Photoshop, open the Image > Adjust > Scale tool. Using the mouse scroll wheel, drag the Image Size box.

Browse for a new background image to edit or use one of your own. Click on the right arrow button (three dots) of the Home tab’s Background panel, and select one of your backgrounds from the Open dialog box.

In the Home tab’s Layers panel, duplicate your first layer and rename it to Background.

Open the Adjustments panel.

Click on the Adjustments arrow and open the Levels dialog box. In the dialog box, click on the Button With the Arrow in the Lower-right Corner of the Dialog box to open the Dual-Axis Histogram. Use the Arrow buttons below the Histogram to select which color range you want to see.

Click on the OK button.

Click on the OK button again.

Click on the Horizontal red arrow button in the Levels panel to lock the Levels adjustment settings, which will prevent you from making more changes to this layer.

Adjust the Levels (curves) in the Layers panel. You can create a new adjustment layer for any changes you make. Click the downward-pointing triangle in the Adjustments panel to make a new layer, then adjust the settings in that layer using the same principles we discussed.

Add a Layer Style, Gradient, or other effects to the background layer.

Image Editing in Photoshop Elements

In the Home tab, click on the Zoom tool (first icon on the bottom left). Move the cursor over the image you want to

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The official ECMAScript standard says this in 11.6.1:

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