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Originally named PhotoDraw, Photoshop was conceived at the 1991 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. IBM co-founder and then CEO Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. took a group of executives with him to the Games, including Michael S. Harris, senior vice president of IS and Imaging Systems at IBM, and Walter J. Kohn, president and chief operating officer of the company. Gerstner, Jr. brought a contemporary version of the Adobe Photoshop plug-in for his IBM PC.

The group installed the plug-in on the plane and began experimenting with it during the flight. The group played with different canvas sizes and editing tools to see what new possibilities were possible.

Development of Photoshop took off after the Lillehammer team returned home. The technology behind Photoshop was built at the Los Angeles offices of Adobe Systems, Inc. in the summer of 1992.


Photoshop has many features and tools, including the following:


The workspace consists of a hierarchical menu containing a list of objects, organized into a Layers window, Adjustments window, and History browser.


The Layers window contains an image with many layers, each containing an adjustment. To make a particular layer visible or invisible, simply click the eye icon next to the layer name. To reset all layers to visible, click the eye icon again.

The Layers window can be moved or resized to the right of the image.

Layers can be locked to make editing them impossible. Locked layers are identified by the key symbol between the layers’ names.

Layers can be dragged and dropped onto the workspace, where they are grouped in a new layer, or onto individual object layers such as windows, shadows, and reflections, which are grouped into a new layer called the new layer group.

After layers are grouped, you can apply multiple effects and adjustments to the new layer group.

Layers can also be edited using masking tools. A mask is a way of applying the same effects and adjustments to a sublayer without actually applying that adjustment to the actual image (masking out or hiding the effects). You can edit any layer using the Layers window.

Adjustment layers

Adjustment layers include levels, curves, and hue-saturation-color, or HSC.


A Levels adjustment is a number of grouped light, mid-range, and

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Getting started with Photoshop Elements

From the moment you launch Photoshop Elements, you will be asked to sign into your Adobe Creative Cloud account. Once you have created your Adobe ID, you will be able to sync your photos, files and all your Adobe Creative Cloud information with your computer.

1. Creating a New Photoshop Elements file

When you first open Photoshop Elements, you will have the option to create a new Adobe Photoshop Elements file or open an existing file.

From the camera roll on your device, you can import any images you want to edit into Photoshop Elements, by holding down the Option (Alt) key and pressing the Import button.

You can also choose to import images from a folder on your computer by holding down the Option (Alt) key and pressing the Import button.

You can also open an existing Photoshop Elements file, by clicking the Open button, or you can import files from your computer or from the camera roll in your device by opening a drag and drop window.

(Image credit: Adobe)

You can also browse and sort your files using the browser: by files and folders, based on date, recently added, flagged, etc.

2. Loading an existing Photoshop Elements file

If you are opening a previously edited file from your computer, you can open it by pressing the Open button, or clicking the Open button in the Export window.

3. Saving a file

You will always be given the option to Save a copy of your file. However, you can also save the file as a JPEG, PNG or BMP file. By default, Photoshop Elements saves images as PNGs, but you can change this in your preferences.

To save your file, click the Save icon and you can choose to save your image as a JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF or PSD file. You will be able to save the file in a variety of sizes and formats.

(Image credit: Adobe)

4. Opening a file

After you have saved your file in Photoshop Elements, click the Open button and you can choose to open a specific file or load a file from the camera roll.

You can also open your photo’s file from your computer or from a file saved on your camera by opening a drag and drop window. You can hold the Option (Alt) key and use the arrow keys to navigate the window.

5. Using image edits and filters

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The idea that creative ideas are in short supply, especially during the week, is something that I always have wondered about. But, I have also wondered about the idea of the “weekend genius” (which is what is used in the research at the University of Michigan that this book is based on), and I have never been able to sort out an answer for that one.

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Other studies that were cited as part of the research included the following:

Shorter working hours can be an important driver of student success, particularly in promoting effective study skills.

Prioritized research show that men and women really do perceive the weekend differently.

In fact, the book is called “An Empirical Test of the Weekend Genius,” because there are no empirical studies done to show that the weekend is a more prolific place for creativity than the weekday. The authors also emphasize that their research adds to a growing evidence base that shows that previous findings from the creativity research that say that the weekend was not conducive to creative thinking were inaccurate.

While the weekend is identified as having a positive effect on creativity, according to the data, it is not as large as the positive effect that the self-control strategies of deliberate practice and experimentation have. It would be interesting to see whether weekend-weekend and weekday-weekday students behave differently on

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