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Secure Oracle Auditor is a complex and efficient software solution aimed at database administrators, in the attempt to offer them the required methods by means of which they can scan and asses their Oracle database servers.
Secure Oracle Auditor features a variety if security tools, for instance SID Tester, TNS Password Tester, Brute Force Tester, Event Log Analyzer, Oracle Query Browser, to name just a few.







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First in line with the security features we would like to mention is the possibility of making Secure Oracle Auditor scan and audit operating systems, maintaining OS confidential information and settings, as well as the logon/logoff passwords, and the ones used by programs that utilize the operating system.
Just as it is known to us that Secure Oracle Auditor supports the Audit of the Oracle database, we see also that this Software Package can be used for making scans of the Windows file system for discovering confidential information and files.
Secure Oracle Auditor also features an Analyzer for the Event Log of the Oracle database.
Secure Oracle Auditor Main features:
Secure Oracle Auditor contains a variety of useful utilities for database security administration, such as SID Tester, TNS Password Tester, Brute Force Tester, Event Log Analyzer, Oracle Query Browser, among other. This allows for logging into database server, then uses ODBC Data Source Definition to access the data, as well as monitor the database health.
Secure Oracle Auditor Specifications:
What can you do with Secure Oracle Auditor?
Below you will see a list of the main features that are provided by Secure Oracle Auditor, as well as a list of potential risks for your company, and what you can do to protect against them.
– Security Tester:
This a tool to check Oracle server password security, an SID Tester, to establish the account name of the database and password and SQL command history (key logins).
– TNS Password Tester:
To check the TNS Naming Service Administrator password.
– Brute Force Tester:
For brute force detection of possible passwords for you database connection.
– Event Log Analyzer:
For simple and fast analysis of the Oracle database events.
– Oracle Query Browser:
To quickly perform queries to view database information.
– Security Auditing tools:
For security management and audit of the Oracle server and user access to the Oracle database.
Possible Risks for Your Company:
The purpose of this article is not to list all possible threats that our enterprise may come across. The purpose of this post is to give you the necessary information for enabling you to take appropriate measures to defend your company against them.
For security assessment of web applications, such as a web application scanner, an open source penetration testing tool for Java, XML and SOAP-based web applications and web services. It is known to us by the term OWASP ZAP

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The software is intended for the analysis of data bases by means of a very comprehensive collection of tools, that is SID Tester, TNS Password Tester, TNS Analyzer, Event Log Analyzer, Oracle Query Browser, Brute Force Tester.
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I am not an Oracle or UNIX guy, so maybe someone else with good knowledge of Oracle or UNIX can comment on this. But what I might try on a UNIX system would be to use the ‘xargs’ command.
This command will run a command with many items. For example, as you have done with your perl script:
perl file1 file2 file3… fileN

xargs runs the commands as input to the ‘perl’ command.
Here is some more information on the use of xargs on UNIX systems.

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Secure Oracle Auditor PC/Windows (Final 2022)

The Secure Oracle Auditor is an Oracle Database Audit, Administration, and Backup tool with provisions for complete audit, administration, and backup system functionalities.
It allows administrators to recover, modify, and make backups of an Oracle Database.
The software is easy to use with an intuitive interface and a simple-to-understand display.
It allows administrators to efficiently manage databases using a powerful centralized point of administration.
The interface displays all the relevant information for each item in the object tree.
Secure Oracle Auditor reviews:
The Secure Oracle Auditor provides the necessary tools to perform Oracle Database audits, administration, and backup.
The software offers assistance in recovering or backing up Oracle databases by exporting data and providing data integrity verification.
Secure Oracle Auditor Auditing:
The Secure Oracle Auditor offers a comprehensive set of auditing features that effectively provide administrators the ability to resolve Oracle database problems.
Secure Oracle Auditor Reports:
The software is highly informative and in-depth in Oracle database audits and administration.
The reports includes screenshots of the results of the various items under analysis, for instance passwords of all users, stored procedures, and stored views.
Secure Oracle Auditor Reporting:
The software is intuitive, easy to use, and provides support that is helpful in Oracle database audit and administration.
Secure Oracle Auditor is an ideal tool for Oracle Database administrators.
Secure Oracle Auditor Pricing:
Secure Oracle Auditor includes a free trial version that enables users to assess the tool before they make a purchase.
Secure Oracle Auditor provides the following functionality:
Secure Oracle Auditor Free Trial:
Secure Oracle Auditor Free Trial is free software. You can use it as long as you want, without restrictions. You can copy, distribute, and transmit the software. You are not required to pay anything to use it, but if you like the software then you can make a donation.
Secure Oracle Auditor downloads:
Secure Oracle Auditor is a shareware product. After the trial period is over, you can upgrade to the full version.
Secure Oracle Auditor Resource Center:
Secure Oracle Auditor Resource Center offers an easy-to-use interface that provides Oracle database administrators with a comprehensive set of tools for Oracle database audit and administration.
Secure Oracle Auditor ratings:
Secure Oracle Auditor has been reviewed by 3885 users.
Use Secure Oracle Auditor to assess SQL injection attacks and other vulnerabilities that are related to Oracle databases.
Secure Oracle Auditor is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows XP.
Install Secure Oracle Auditor now!

What’s New in the Secure Oracle Auditor?

Secure Oracle Auditor was designed to give a comprehensive and very useful service to Oracle DBA’s. Secure Oracle Auditor’s main functionality is to monitor and assess the Oracle database server. This functionality is divided in many sections: Database Engine Section, Operating System Section, Connection Section, Import, Export and Geography Section.The sections are selected to be administered by means of the Oracle SQL.

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With Report Builder, you can build reports and dashboards that can be integrated into applications to create interactive views of your data. Report Builder provides a rich set of report-building functions, and it can be used from within your own applications. It includes many data-processing and data-driven report elements. The report-building environment is based on the star schema design, in which all the data is stored in a star schema and you are free to connect to any column in the table. You can use query functions to filter and aggregate data, and you can also use the new analytic functions available in SQL Server 2008 to create interactive presentations.

Here is how you can deploy and use Report Builder.

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System Requirements For Secure Oracle Auditor:

Fixed installation with new permissions
With initial status
this is the beta release of smuxi-2.2.
(beginning of pre-release)
first release with 2.2 release
second release with 2.2 release
This release should be compatible to 2.1.7

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