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Filelister is a useful tool that can scan your entire computer and identify all the files contained within it and its subfolders. This may include subfolders, as well as files and folders. The file creation date, size, file name, folder path, file type and owner are displayed in the columns specified by the user.
Every folder has its own profile, which includes a set of settings for the report configuration and its output. Additionally, there is an option to generate the reports in.TXT or HTML format. It can run on Windows systems only.
• Easy to use
• Scan a folder or folder and subfolders, files and folders.
• Generate a report
• Detect files, subfolders, and even hidden folders (the latter enable you to index folders that contain files with special attributes, like “.ini,” “.ini.mui,” “.pk3,” “.pk4,” “.url,” “.url.mui,” “.mpq,” “.mpq.mui,” “.xmcd,” “.xmcd.mui,” “.uninstall,” “.uninstall.mui,” “.rpcdump,” “.rpcdump.mui,” “.vhd,” “.vhd.mui,” “.pda,” “.pda.mui,” “.ico,” “.ico.mui,” “.exe,” “.exe.mui,” “.m3u,” “.m3u.mui,” “.sdkm,” “.sdkm.mui,” “.sfx,” “.sfx.mui,” “.sxw,” “.sxw.mui,” “.srt,” “.srt.mui,” “.aac,” “.aac.mui,” “.flv,” “.flv

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A powerful file report generator.
Has got a handy file content viewer.
The program is easy to handle, its interface is very simple.
One can create different folder reports.
Supports saving folders reports as templates for later use.
Supports saving reports as templates for later use.
Produces Txt and Html format reports.
Produces Txt and Html format reports.
Has got detailed info and settings for each report.
Has got detailed info and settings for each report.
Tells us if the report was successfully saved.
Tells us if the report was successfully saved.
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End User License Agreement for Filelister


By using this software Filelister (hereinafter referred to as software) your computer automatically grants to the software’s manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as owner) the following licenses:

Every component of the software is subject to Copyright Law. The entire contents of the software are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as any and all intellectual property rights that may exist in the software. This software is not sold.

Instead, you receive a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use a copy of the software for personal, commercial or educational use only, as specified below:

Your use of the software is limited to personal use (noncommercial use) on a single computer only.

You may transfer a copy of the software from your computer to another computer or to a removable diskette only.

You may copy the software on any number of computers. However, you may not share copies of the software on any network or other shareable media (such as the Internet) without the prior written consent of the software’s owner.

You may make a single back-up copy of the software as specified below only.


Filelister With License Key

Filelister is an intuitive and handy software, which enables you to generate reports of the folders’ contents. The software can easily scan the selected directory and identify all the files contained within it and its subfolders. It can generate detailed lists, including file names, extensions, date of creation, size and other parameters. Easy to use, simple interface. Filelister Features: Simple interface, equipped with all the necessary features for file report output. Quick scan and index of a folder, many options for generating a report. GUI
How it works
Generate a comprehensive report of the folder contents in less than 30 seconds
First, select the folder you wish to examine in Filelister. At the same time, make sure that all subfolders and files are displayed. Then click the “Generate” button to perform the scan and generate a report. Report: The report is generated instantly according to preset configuration: in.TXT or HTML format, as temporary or permanent file. Determining a file filter: You may exclude the search of hidden and other files in the selected folder. Filtering files by extension: You may decide whether to include or exclude a file list with the specified extensions. Include the subfolders in the report: You may select whether to generate a list of the subfolders’ content or not. Generate a report of any file type: You may decide whether to generate a report of the files of any type. Create temporary or save as a permanent file: You may create a report in temporary or save it as a permanent file. Either the file is displayed in your PC or not. Automatic sorting: You may set the report to automatically sort files according to specified criteria.
Press CTRL+D to exit.
Click Edit to customize the report layout.
Click Full to reset the report format, profile and file list to the default values.
Click Save to save the report as a temporary or permanent file.
Filelister also allows you to view the report on the PC screen and to add a filter on the filename of the listed files and folders. You may also download the report at any time, generate more detailed information and save it in the local files.
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What’s New in the Filelister?

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Название программы: Filelister
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System Requirements:

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CPU: Intel Core i5 – i7
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 – Supported
Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
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Internet Connection Required
A TV Tuner (Intel TV, Digital Tuner Card, or S-Video Cable)
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