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Bluray Cover Printer is a comprehensive and effective software solution worth having when you need to create your personal Blu-ray and DVD covers using your preferred images. It enables you to change the cover size and print it with very little fuss.
Since it does not require you to install it, you can easily run the application from any computer you want without affecting the registry entries. This way, you can remove Bluray Cover Printer simply by deleting its containing folder.
The main window of the application is intuitive and easy-to-use. You can either open a new photo, be it BMP, JPG or GIF from the File menu or simply drag and drop the picture you are interested in. However, a drawback of the application is that it does not allow you to print multiple covers.
After that, Bluray Cover Printer automatically recognizes the selected image and allows you to change the cover size, depending on your whims. You can choose the ‘Bluray’ or the ‘DVD’ option, then preview the new resized photo or you can adjust the width and height parameters the way you want.
In case you want to open a new image and remove the current photo, you can simply press the ‘Clear’ button or click on the current picture and select a new one.
Afterward, when all the settings are done and the preferred image is selected, you are able to print the new cover. You can choose the printer you want to use, set the layout orientation, select the number of copies, then print the cover.
To sum things up, Bluray Cover Printer comes in handy especially for users who need to create their Blu-ray and DVD covers using personal images, then print them with ease.







Bluray Cover Printer Keygen Free Download PC/Windows

Bluray Cover Printer lets you create your own high quality covers using your own pictures. You have the option to create a high quality cover with bluray or dvd or to create personalized covers for your games. Bluray Cover Printer is a fast and easy to use program for creating covers. It is a simple tool for all of you who want to create and print covers.
It lets you create the cover in two distinct ways:
* You can select a prebuilt template of cover from the program’s dialog.
* You can drag a new cover image into the program, where you can then easily resize the image and place it where you want on the cover.
You can place different images on the cover and customize it a bit, by using text options. You can even load your own cover text and align it in the way you like.
You can also select from among a wide range of printing options. You can print the cover on any paper stock you like, choose the size, color and resolution of the print and even have the print be either landscape or portrait oriented.
While the default setting is to print the cover on a continuous roll of paper, you have the option to either print one on a single sheet of paper, or to print multiple copies per sheet of paper.
You can also choose from a large number of different printing options, including a setting that lets you output a digital proof of the cover you have just printed, to have it printed for you.
You can also print the cover in the following ways:
* Digital, using a password-protected PDF format.
* Digital, using a password-protected XPS format.
* Digital, using an OpenType (.OTF) file.
* Digital, using an Opentype (.OTL) file.
* Digital, using an Adobe PDF format.
* Digital, using a JPEG2000 (j2k) format.
* Digital, using a PICT format.
* Digital, using a PCL6, PCL5, PCL4, PCL3 or PCL2 format.
* Digital, using an ABC format, which lets you output an image as a raw Apple TV (Apple TV) file.
* Digital, using a DV4 format, which lets you output an image as a format that can be played on the latest generation of DVD players or portable devices.
* Digital, using a DV3 format, which lets you output an image as a format

Bluray Cover Printer Crack Incl Product Key Download

• Use images from your hard drive instead of opening and saving them on a disc.
• Be able to edit your cover in many different sizes, even re-size your images.
• Print professional quality cover to protect your contents on your disc.
• Print cover with specified fonts and title.
• Set the layout orientation and number of copies you want.
• Print with or without post-processing.
• Print cover with specified colour.
• Personalize your disc.

Bluray Cover Printer For Windows 10 Crack Key Features:

• Automatically recognize your image and create the cover.
• Print high quality cover.
• Set the cover size, font and orientation.
• Print in many different sizes.
• Print cover with specified fonts and text.
• Set the number of copies and print in the specified layout.
• Print cover with specified colors.
• No installation and your cover will always be updated.
• Print cover with post-processing.
• Personalize your disc cover.
• Image adjustment and rotating.
• Remove cover image once created.

Bluray Cover Printer Editor User Guide:

• When you start the application for the first time, you have to install the application before you can work with it.
• Run Bluray Cover Printer from the Start Menu, from the location of the installation, by typing either the full path or the name of the program in the search bar.
• On the main window, you can enable printing of your image in a ‘Bluray’ or a ‘DVD’ format.
• Next, you can select the size and color of the cover you want to create.
• After that, you can either select the template to use for printing or drag and drop your image file to print it as a template with your chosen settings.
• Select the printer you want to use and then the number of copies you want.
• If your image contains certain text, you can include its content in the title, which is automatically included in the cover title.
• Set the print orientation, if you want to print your cover in landscape or portrait.
• Click on the ‘Print’ button to print your cover.
• You can use either the ‘Clear’ or ‘Confirm’ button to clear all the current settings and revert back to the original template.
• In order to create a new image, simply drag and

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What’s New in the Bluray Cover Printer?

Bluray Cover Printer is a free utility designed to create movie Blu-ray and DVD covers, and can be used for creating a wide variety of animated and still covers for DVDs and BDs. It features a simple and intuitive interface, with a large file selector allowing you to browse the images you are interested in. A number of effects, and simple layout options make it easy to design a cover in the way you prefer.

Bluray Cover Printer is a freeware to create Blu-Ray and DVD covers.

It is very easy to use, you can add your images easily, you can print covers by multiple pages, you can change the size and rotation of the cover, export the image, etc.

Step-By-Step Guide to Create Movie Blu-ray and DVD Covers:
1. Select Bluray/DVD image file, and then click on “Choose Image” button.
2. Play with the parameters to adjust the size and rotation of the image.
3. After setting the size and rotation of the image, click on “Start” button.
4. Preview the cover on the right side.

Our Software

We are constantly working to improve Bluray Cover Printer and the whole Bluray Creator family. We are very grateful for any feedback you have in mind, if you find any bug on our programs and of course if you like them and enjoy using them.

Updates about Bluray Creator family will be available in our website shortly after the program release, you can watch it here.

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