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Following his death last Friday, the former England manager Andy King has carried out a rare interview with the BBC in which he revealed how he came to be the first manager in the modern game to kill off a game of rugby league while in charge.

King was coach of St Helens in 1992, when they were on a rare home game against Widnes at Knowsley Road.

Watch the interview in this LINK.

A crowd of 23,455 were present at the game and St Helens lost in a 62-10 defeat.

Andy King has known Jimmy Hill for over 50 years.

He said: “The game was a little bit hostile because of the row. It was the one time where I was assistant to the manager. The crowd was a little bit hostile and the hostilities between the two sets of supporters got out of hand. But there were no problems inside the game.

“Because of what had happened in the previous week with the All Blacks versus the Aussies, people were a little bit up in arms. It was great football.”

King added: “Jimmy had been calling a charge from the 40 and when the play was over he was trying to move back over to the touchline and the referee at the time was ready to blow his whistle. Jimmy called out ‘he’s got a leg down’. And they said ‘no he hasn’t’ and the referee blew his whistle.

“It was a horrible thing, the crowd was really angry and it was a terrible thing for Jimmy.”

King, who was a St Helens player at the time, said: “The crowd was screaming ‘you’re not calling a charge’.

“They were still cheering for the Widnes player. It happened in the 40 and to me it was pretty much a dead ball and to go that early in the game was suicide.

“We’ve all had trouble with refereeing in games over the years. It’s the way the game goes.”

Dismissed and Memorandum Opinion filed June 30, 2010.

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