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A local ranger out patrol that was out today was told of the two mountain lion sightings that happened near Wilton and is requesting more information from those involved.

The letter was signed by law enforcement saying that they had “taken it upon themselves to come and investigate and take pictures, observe and document.”

Dave Molinari of the Foothills District was one of the two residents that was contacted about the reports.

“I kind of thought it was a hoax, I didn’t know how to respond,” Molinari said. “And he or she said ‘we aren’t going to give it up, but will you come and look?’ I said ‘yeah.’”

At the scene, Molinari found a footprint that appeared to be from a mountain lion and pictures of the possible tracks.

“At that point it definitely became real,” he said.

Molinari said the footprints were not from a puma, but rather from a mountain lion.

“I think a three-toed track would fit a puma, but I know very little about that,” he said. “I think probably at least 75-80 percent of what was photographed, was probably

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so I had to go back to using the sticker to hide the cover. Fairly normal, except I found out who I’ve been hiding this from, which I was surprised to find out.

It turns out the person in the cover is not the same as who I have been hiding the cover from. I find this awkward at best, and she, being a friend, was very angry with me.

But it’s ok, because she’s mostly upset because she got a copy of the book with a slightly different cover than her. So I’ve sent her a digital copy of the updated version.

She’s pretty upset, because she likes her copy, but I’m upset because I want to read that book. It’s one of my favorites, so I can’t wait to read it again. I hope she’s happy.

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