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Naming the property for an object that is assigned to a list in a dictionary?

I’m trying to add to a dictionary that contains a list of a class object, where I’d like to name the list property something unique, so that I can do


and get back the list (of different objects). The type of the list is specified by the type of the class I want to assign to it. I have tried this:
Dictionary> dictionary = new Dictionary>();

and it doesn’t work (I’m assuming because I’ve mis-typed something) I’m not sure how to specify the type of the list and then give it a property, I’ve tried many variations including:
Dictionary > dictionary = new Dictionary>();

I would prefer the dictionary to have the key as its property, with the value being the list of class objects, I’m just not sure how to create the dictionary in a way that will allow me to get the value back for any key.


You should use List instead of List, because that’s what you want.
Your dictionary should have a property:
public class SomeClass
public int Value { get; set; }
public List ListValue { get; set; }

public SomeClass(int value, List list)
Value = value;
ListValue = list;

You can then add items like this:
Dictionary> dictionary = new Dictionary>();
dictionary[123].ListValue.Add(new SomeClass(123, new List()));
dictionary[456].ListValue.Add(new SomeClass(456, new List()));

dictionary[123].ListValue.Add(new SomeClass(789, new List()));
dictionary[987].ListValue.Add(new SomeClass(987, new List()));

dictionary[765].ListValue.Add(new SomeClass(765, new List()));

dictionary[765].ListValue.Add(new SomeClass(765, new List

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