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Adobe Photoshop has been one of the most dominant pieces of software for image editing and image modification for as long as we’ve known. Long before the Internet came about it was in use with a collection of diskettes at the office and hundreds of pages of reference manuals, a WYSIWYG editor for the page layout, an animation & image processor and more. To this day, Adobe Photoshop remains the industry standard for image manipulation.

Everyone knows that Adobe Photoshop has always been a great tool for the everyday photographer or image editor. However, though Photoshop has been around since 1987, we are starting to see more and more technological advances with Photoshop. It continues to evolve and once again, they are making all the right moves.

We have a revolution going on in the light art / macaque world right now and it is on full gear, powered by what Photoshop is doing. This is why I suggest that Photoshop is the tool of the century not only as a graphic designer but as a filmmaker as well. The adoption of Photoshop for film and video is absolutely huge and moving at lightning fast speed.

Moving forward, Photoshop will be as ubiquitous on film sets, as it has been in the graphic design industry. Even today, more and more designers are realizing that while they need Photoshop as a tool for their business, it’s not essential to everything they do.

With all of the media outlets now jumping in, the amount of training needed to switch from Photoshop to an alternative is less than ever before. I think we will see a lot more photographers graduating into film and video and doing well in that field. Design work in this form is going to get more and more complex because of the need for multiple people and multiple systems. In order to not get lost, you will need to learn the tools of the trade that will make you in control of your career’s success.

Here’s to Photoshop and to all the film and video communities out there who are using Photoshop with great success to get their job done.


There’s a lot of great Photoshop training out there, from the many online tutorials to dozens of books, graphic guides, and even magazine articles. So many of us are Photoshop addicts, so seeing how best to use it efficiently to see the world has really become an art form.

I’m not going to teach you in this article how to use Photoshop, that’s for another day. For now I’d like to show you how Photoshop’s

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Many of the features of Photoshop are already in Photoshop Elements, so you can be up and running straight away. You can create a new document and add or edit any pre-existing layers, add text, draw with pens, paint with oil colours, trace with a pencil or use the auto-trace feature to line up shapes. The painting tools and pen tools can be used to create stunning art.

You can use a couple of Photoshop effects to add new layers or paths of any shape.

Elements comes with a variety of tools for photo editing, although the number of tools you can access is limited, and your options to edit your work are sometimes limited. You have to choose from a list of presets or auto-adjust. You can go into advanced options to customise many features, but the interface is difficult to navigate.

It’s possible to create graphic effects with Elements, but you need to purchase some plug-ins and learn some more complex tools.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available for PC and Mac (Windows and Mac).

Using Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements comes with no pre-installed software, so you need to buy additional software. Photoshop itself has a built-in software installer for Mac but is only available as a disc. Photoshop Elements is available as a disc that can be run on a Mac or on a PC using a USB dongle for it to be installed. Both versions of Photoshop Elements require a subscription to Adobe Photoshop cloud to be used, but those who only want Photoshop Elements should be able to download the free trial, which lasts for 7 days. The elements add-in software can be used for free, and there are plans available for a monthly subscription. If you only need Photoshop Elements, you can download the free trial for 7 days without having to sign up to Adobe cloud.

To learn more about setting up and using Photoshop Elements, take a look at these detailed tutorials.

Elements Features

Elements isn’t quite as capable as Photoshop, but you can do many things, with or without the use of the Photoshop cloud. You’ll find that many features are the same, but not all of them are.

Noise Reduction

You can reduce the noise in an image using this tool if you’re a photographer. Use the ‘noise’ icon in the tool bar to adjust the amount of noise reduction.

Fantasy: Enhancements

You can add different effects to change the way the photo

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* Spot Healing Brush – Selects specific pixels from an image to use as a healing source and uses them to fill in holes in an image.
* Clipping Path – Draws a path around specific areas of an image, allowing you to remove objects that are outside the image.
* Healing Brush – Selects specific pixels and blends them with the pixels in the surrounding area. This is often used to fix damage to specific areas of an image.
* Levels – Allows you to change the overall brightness of an image. This is useful for correcting color casts caused by the white balance function.
* Lasso – Selects a specific area of an image, allowing you to modify it with the Selection Brush.
* Pen Tool – Allows you to draw specific shapes and lines to an image.
* Pencil Tool – Enables you to draw lines with the Pen tool and pressure-sensitive strokes (also referred to as a tablet pen).
* Paint Bucket – Selects a specific area of an image and applies a color to it.
* Paint Bucket Shadow – Selects the area of a layer which is affected by the color of the Paint Bucket tool and transfers the color to the area below the image.
* Gradient Tool – A tool that allows you to create a range of colors and gradients in an image. This is one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop.
* Zoom – A tool that lets you magnify a specific area of the image.
* Gradient Mesh – The Gradient Mesh tool allows you to control the shape and color of the mesh, as well as the direction in which the colors curve.
* Gradient Mesh Displace – Use this tool to create a gradient mesh and then move and deform the mesh without changing the way the colors appear.
* Curves – Changes the tonal quality of an image.
* Liquify – Allows you to scale, stretch, and rotate objects in an image.
* Magic Wand – Selects a specific area of an image by specifying a color.
* Dodge and Burn – Changes the overall brightness of the image using Highlights and Shadows.
* Smart Brush – Draws a selection where the pixels of the brush are used to fill in an image.
* Eraser – Removes pixels from an image.
* Define Brush – A brush is a collection of pixels that are applied to an image. You can edit the

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