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You can find good resources for Photoshop on the web. Just search for “photoshop” and you’ll find a wealth of sites. You may also find it easier to use one of the many book–based tutorials on the web. Note that many of these are outdated, and if you don’t already have experience with your chosen version of Photoshop, you’re at a distinct disadvantage.

You can also check the Photoshop home page at ``.

Getting the Lowdown on Image Options

You can adjust settings for an image by using the Image Options window that comes with Photoshop. You can get to this feature through the Edit⇒Preferences icon. This command opens up the dialog box shown in Figure 18-2. This window gives you the ability to change the settings for cropping, color, adjustment, and other image-editing options for single or multiple images.

**Figure 18-2:** The Image Options dialog box is where you can make edits to how an image is cropped, cropped (and if you want to crop more), whether to keep color, and so on.

By default, the Image Options dialog box opens up to the following options:

Color settings

You can control how the individual colors of an image appear and what they appear as in the Layers panel.

Antique Black/White

You can remove excess color from this setting to emphasize the grayscale tones.

Black Point

You can choose how many black pixels there should be in a photo before it becomes grayed out.

Blend If Too Many Colors

This setting specifies how many colors are allowed in an image before it appears faded or browned.

B+W Black Point

The Black Point setting controls the number of black pixels in an image. A setting of zero is set to the default value of 100.

Black Point Setting

This setting allows you to increase the number of black pixels in an image.

Black & White

You can tell Photoshop to remove all color and only let grayscale information remain in an image.

Blue Auto

This setting controls whether to adjust blue in a photo.

Blue Channel

This setting controls whether to use the blue channels in a photo.

Blue Level

This setting controls whether to use the blue color temperature of a photo.

Blue Level

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is used to edit pictures and photographs, remove unwanted objects, levels, adjust color balance and more. The software offers intuitive and easy to use editing tools.

We will only review Photoshop Elements 2018, but you can view the other editions here.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 Pricing

As Adobe Elements 2018 is not a stand-alone app but rather a part of Adobe Photoshop software suite, it comes with an activation key. You will be asked to input the appropriate key while you buy the application.

The download speed of this program varies with different internet speeds and server locations. Click here to find out more about it.

There are two available editions of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Here is how the prices vary for these editions of Photoshop Elements.

New User

Product Name: Photoshop Elements 2018

Product ID: 169.27 $

US: $69.99 EUR: $99.99 GBP: £60.49 AED: $139.99

Existing User

Product Name: Photoshop Elements 2018

Product ID: 169.27 $

US: $79.99 EUR: $119.99 GBP: £76.49 AED: $159.99

If you are an existing user, you will find all the features provided in the new version of the software, but the interface is simpler.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 performance

When loading an image, Photoshop Elements 2018 starts slowly compared to the first version of the app. It is probably due to the latest update. But you will not miss much when you use the software.

The program is not fast when you have to use it to add adjustments to a lot of photos. It is fine for making smaller changes and removing unwanted objects from larger images.

The software is a good choice for DSLRs. The import and export tools work well with RAW images from Nikon and Canon. And this is an essential if you are a professional photographer.

However, there is also a converter for 16-bit RAW images, but it works slower than Photoshop.

You may need to prepare an image for uploading to Facebook or Twitter or other social media sites with Elements.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 user-interface

The new version of Photoshop Elements 2018 has a simpler user interface than its previous version.

All the major tools are on the left of the interface.

You can choose for most

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Hoarding (TV series)

Hoarding is a spin-off of the BAFTA award-winning documentary series Trust Me, I’m A Doctor. The six-part comedy drama series was broadcast on Channel 4 in 2017. The series contains many of the same characters, but focuses on a whole new plot, including Simon’s new girlfriend, Gemma, played by Rebecca Front, and Jen, his boss at work, played by Danniella Westbrook.

The cast of the show are:

John Heffernan as Dr Simon James
Rebecca Front as Gemma
Daisy Haggard as Lucinda
Amanda Abbington as Lauren
Tom Rosenthal as Nick
Charlotte Riley as Sara
Danniella Westbrook as Jen

Michael Fenton Stevens as Sean
Neil Morrissey as Bob
Amanda Abbington as Lauren
Jonathan Furlong as James
Antonia Prebble as Carol
Penny Black as Sally


Reviews were mostly positive, with The Guardian calling it “A fascinatingly random addition to the TV landscape”, although was slightly puzzled by the setting, calling the pre-transition house “an object of curiosity, not widespread horror”. The Telegraph were positive overall, with Tom Honeysett describing it as “an engaging, funny and enormously watchable hour of television”.


External links

Category:Channel 4 television programmes
Category:2017 British television series debuts
Category:2017 British television series endings
Category:2010s British comedy television series
Category:2010s British medical television seriesQ:

Show that the trigonometric identity $ \cos (A – B) = \cos A \cos B – \sin A \sin B$ holds only for a constant angle $A$.

I know the following trigonometric identity:
$$\cos (A – B) = \cos A \cos B – \sin A \sin B.$$
However, is there a simple way to show that this only holds for a constant angle $A$?


$$\cos(A-B)= \cos A \cos B – \sin A \sin B$$
$$\sin B + \sin A \cos B = \cos B \cos A + \sin A \sin A$$
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Emirates will handle onward travel for the 25,000 people on board Flight 6E223, which has been grounded following a bomb scare.

More than 40 flights have been hit by bomb scares over the past year, with one reportedly planted on board a drone.

Flight 6E223 is one of many to be grounded following a luggage bomb scare on a Kuwait Airways flight as it landed at Kuwait International Airport.

Emirates will handle onward travel for the 25,000 people on board, and passengers have been told to contact their preferred travel agent to arrange for rebooked flights.

Passengers will either be rebooked on a flight departing on Tuesday or Wednesday, or be put up in hotels free of charge.

Emirates president Tim Clark said: “We hope those on board the flight will be kept safe and in the meantime we are closely monitoring the situation.”

Saudi Arabia’s civil aviation authority is investigating the incident.

A passenger reportedly attempted to open a package believed to contain explosive material on board the flight.

Al Arabiya reports the incident is one of many on the UAE’s skies. According to a study conducted by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, “more than 50 per cent of scheduled flights are delayed by more than one hour or are cancelled due to technical and procedural reasons”.

Read more: Qatar Airways apologises for ‘insensitive’ remark over World Cup travel chaos

Global airlines are grappling with long-haul jet shortages due to overcapacity caused by industrial action and high fuel prices.

Emirates is one of the major carriers to have been affected. The airline is currently experiencing massive delays and cancellations because of a labour dispute at Dubai International Airport.

Last week, a number of its flights were delayed or cancelled because of rolling strikes at the airport.

The airline also experienced massive delays and cancellations last year because of strikes affecting its hub at Dubai.

Dubai International is the busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger numbers and the fourth busiest by cargo.

Are you on board Flight 6E223? Tell us your story by emailing

Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. You can also contact us in the following ways:Mathematical models in biology: where do we go from here?

System Requirements For Free Photoshop Cs5 Download For Windows 7:

Windows 7 64 bit
1 GHz Processor
2 GB of RAM
1 GB of Free Disk Space
2 GB of video RAM
DirectX 11
Screen Resolution of at least 1280×1024
If you want to have the best gaming experience on Steam, a few other things to keep in mind is that you need to be able to run the game on a minimum of 1280×1024 (doubles your resolution for 1080p games), and have at least 1 GB of RAM (2 GB is recommended). For those of you running

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