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Though the program is considered one of the best, Photoshop’s reputation is riddled with controversies and bad press. With all the bad press, there are some good reasons to use Photoshop for some things as a photographer, filmmaker, or graphic designer. Some people consider Photoshop to be expensive, but there are lots of free alternatives, some of which you may not know about. Here are three good reasons to consider Photoshop:

1. It’s very good for Adobe Photoshop Extended

Photoshop can sometimes be confusing and complicated, so for general use it’s probably not for you. However, if you’re experienced with Photoshop and want to broaden your horizons a little then Photoshop is a good choice. The company has released a computer program called Photoshop Extended, a fully functional version of Photoshop which includes many features that once required an upgrade.

To get Photoshop extended you can get a digital copy, which you can burn onto a disc, or you can purchase a software CD with Photoshop on it. However, if you already own a copy of the program, you can simply download the program.

Photoshop extended supports layers, which are a set of semi-transparent images on the same layer. You can edit layers in the same way that you can in Photoshop with one exception: Layers can be moved, scaled, removed, and merged together.

Another feature that is available only in Photoshop extended is the adjustment brush, which you can use to set up a fill, brush, or pattern adjustment all in one single step. This allows you to work on a layer to change the lighting and other settings of an image very quickly, which saves time.

You can also make adjustments in camera raw and to any file in your folder with the help of plugins, which you can download for free. These plugins allow you to make your adjustments and crop tools faster.

While Photoshop can be expensive, Photoshop extended is totally free and can be downloaded from Adobe’s website for free.

If you’re looking for a good, cost-efficient alternative to Photoshop then Photoshop Extended is a great way to go.

2. If you’re a photographer

If you’re a photographer, or an advanced graphic designer, Photoshop is the way to go. It has so many editing functions that it’s hard not to use it. This includes the edge-detecting tool, which makes it easy to edit the edges of your images.

You can also quickly remove blemishes from your

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Photoshop is a powerful graphics software that is a mainstay in digital imagery editing. A lot of photographers and graphic designers love its easy-to-use and quick editing features. But it is also very slow when compared to other software applications.

Despite this, Photoshop is still one of the most popular programs used for image and graphic editing. It’s not only known for its ability to create stunning images, but its ability to create new files from scratch. In this post, we will review the best Photoshop plugins for web designers, photo retouchers, graphic designers and more. There will be a wide range of plugins in this post.

Photo Resize

Photo Resize is designed to resize images for easy upload to various blogs, forums, and networks. It’s capable of resizing your images for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, WordPress, Tumblr, and more. You can also specify the desired image size for a certain service and download a smaller version of the image to use in the meantime.

There are plenty of plugins available for Photo Resize but most of them are overpriced. Some of the cheaper plugins are included below. However, there are still many free plugins to choose from. Some of the common plugins are:


Reimage is a free plugin for Photo Resize. It’s capable of resizing images for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It also creates thumbnail images and uses a small amount of space.

PS Resize

PS Resize is another free plugin for Photo Resize. It has a lot of features similar to the basic Reimage plugin. However, PS Resize is designed to be used with numerous graphic and image editing apps.


Aliostache is a free plugin for Photo Resize. It creates images of the same height and width.

Image Grader

Image Grader is a simple plugin for Photo Resize. It saves time by giving you a simple grade for each image, which helps you to determine if an image is worthy of being uploaded.

Snap Gradator

Snap Gradator is another free plugin for Photo Resize. It has advanced features such as a photo restore and rescale.

Photo Graphics

Photo Graphics is a free plugin for Photo Resize that helps you create GIFs. You can select between a transparent background or a watermark.


Retouch is a free

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of your recipes. I’m just 1/2 my way through volume 1 but it’s been excellent. Just because it’s not about being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t do it well.

Hi Leah, it’s been a long time since we spoke. I always enjoy your blog. You always provide an enjoyable look into vegan/vegetarian cuisine. You are also kind enough to include a link to my books when you mention them on your blog. All the best to you and your family, and I’m so happy to see you around again.

I’m still working on a book but I’m finishing up a lot of the recipes and writing a bit about creating your own sauces and whatnot. It’s coming along slowly but I’m looking forward to sharing it with you soon. I hope you’re doing well with your own vegan restaurant, that sounds amazing.

Great to see you back!! Just some changes that you need to watch for. First and foremost, I love how you can find like-minded people on this site. It’s a great community, with people providing both serious vegan inspiration as well as being non-vegan people too; helping each other with recipes, resources, etc.

That said, veganism is a choice and you’re entitled to your opinion on the matter. Just because you have choices doesn’t mean there’s no conflict. People all over the world who love others are real and will be affected by this movement. That’s very difficult to live with – one day, you may be friend or family to someone who becomes vegan and it hurts in your heart.

These conflicts have existed for years – many of you know that I have a very strong opinion on the matter – so I’m just helping people understand that veganism is a choice that affects real people, and a growing number of people for the better, in a lot of ways.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Leah – we need your passion and wisdom.

Hi Leah, it’s been a while since I’ve last looked, but I’m a vegan too, have for a while. I remember when you first started out, with all your enthusiasm and energy. I enjoy reading your blog, and learning a lot! I’ve been mostly vegetarian

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Deopi Doubts If She’ll Finish 2014 With TRPs Above 100

Deopi’s TRPs in last one and a half year were more than 15-20. She had huge fan following in Gujarat and Maharashtra. By the end of 2013, it was clear that no one was going to stop Deopi as Gujarat’s own. This didn’t stop Deopi from reaching milestones of playing songs in Gujarati and Marathi separately. This year too, Deopi fans started predicting and believing that she would play to big number of people. And fans expected her to complete the year with more than a 100 TRPs.

As the year flew by, the new year started, and Deopi’s fans were looking at the new year with hope and faith. But the rise of TRPs has been below expectations. During her most recent release, she doesn’t have any music numbers. Her latest song – Teri Azhi To Me – did not get enough attention.

Deopi in Taare Zameen Par

Recently, Deopi in a time trial match with Humaira Vaid and she was seen on the show Taare Zameen Par to promote her first Hindi movie, ‘Taare Zameen Par’. She sang a song- ‘Kalasachi Desakhe’ from the film. The song is from the 1951 film – Vrikshamitra – and had composer N.R. Rao working on the film.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Deopi expressed that it would be a great experience to sing a song from a different genre. She is still being quite cautious about her next Hindi movie. “I am not in any hurry. I have done too many films. If I get a project which is good, I will do it,” she added. The actress who has starred in Gujarati films like Baap Re Baap, Vadvan, Mersal etc, is quite selective about Hindi films. The actress has a preference for Gujarati films as she feels that these have been a good stepping stone.

Deopi was quite emotional when she used the word ‘Ogo’. “To me, ‘Ogo’, is a connection with the audience. It is my connect with my audience that makes me more confident to sing the songs from Hindi songs.

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.
1024 x 600 minimum display resolution (for online play)
Internet access
What is it?
A classic arcade-style platformer where you control an insect as it jumps, bounds, and climbs its way through eight unique worlds.
What’s in the box?
Dawn of Erotica will include:
• All regions
• 1080p high-definition graphics
• Full achievements and leaderboards
• Support for keyboard and gamepad

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