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You can find many lists of Photoshop tutorials on the Web, but the most comprehensive and reliable is from Photoshop.net.

Photoshop includes many other powerful editing tools. These tools are useful for creating images that have fine details, a high-quality finish, and other high-end special effects, such as blending a spotlight with a high-resolution background image. Learn more about Photoshop blending in Book III, Chapter 8.

It’s important to note that most image manipulation tools can also be used to manipulate text. A word or two can be changed to read differently. The characters can be moved, split, condensed, or reduced in size to change the word’s appearance.

The good news is that nearly any image manipulation software product out there can be used for text changes. Photographic software products, image editors, and vector-graphics programs all use the same file format for storing images. These files can be imported into all these programs, such as Adobe InDesign. In fact, you can even use one program to manipulate a graphic and save it as a different file format to be opened in another.

One of the biggest pitfalls of using any image-manipulation software is the amount of time it takes to open, read, and interpret your image. It’s a shortcut to save a little time, but an error here can cost you hours, days, or weeks of your time and effort.

As you make your way through this chapter, keep in mind that you can easily lose time and end up with a very poor-quality image as a result of a glitch or a simple mistake in judgment. Editing an image can take a significant amount of time, and you don’t want to lose that time.

Even though this book is primarily about Photoshop, you may also want to use some of its friends, such as Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign, when creating your images.

So, before you consider trying your first photo manipulation, get some good software and brush up on your image-editing skills.

Applying basic edits

Whether you use a Photoshop editing program or a web-image-editing program, you can always start with just a few basic edits. Any image-editing program can save you time and money with a little practice.

In this section, I talk about the types of edits you can apply to images, plus the best practice guidelines for making changes to your images.

Basic changes

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The following is a list of all tools available to color correct images in Elements.

What tools are available in Elements?

Before you start using Elements to color correct images, check out the list below to see what Elements contains.


You can use the Opacity tool to easily make an image transparent or opaque. You can easily see the brush in the canvas.

Go to the Adobe website to check out the different options and presets.


The Levels feature in Elements allows you to make adjustments to tones in an image or to lighten or darken an image. The levels feature uses a spot color screen for adjustment, which makes it easy to use. Levels lets you adjust the exposure, contrast, brightness, and tint of the image.

You can use the following tools to adjust exposure, contrast, brightness, and tint.

Bulb mode: Use this setting to adjust the exposure without affecting the color. This is commonly used to quickly increase or decrease exposure without affecting colors in a photo.

Auto mode: Use this setting to adjust the brightness levels. You can drag the slider or press the up or down arrow buttons to adjust the brightness of the image.

Clarity: Use this setting to adjust the clarity of an image. You can use this setting to adjust the edge of an image.

White: Use this setting to adjust the white levels in an image. You can use it to adjust the highlights in an image.

Black: Use this setting to adjust the black levels in an image. You can use it to adjust the shadows in an image.

Vibrance: Use this setting to adjust the brightness of an image. You can use it to adjust the midtones in an image.

Saturation: Use this setting to adjust the saturation of an image. You can use it to adjust the color of an image.

Contrast: Use this setting to adjust the contrast in an image. You can use it to adjust the contrast of an image.

Bring out highlights: Use this setting to adjust the highlights of an image. You can use it to adjust the graininess of the image.

Darken shadows: Use this setting to adjust the darkening of an image.

Reduce Noise: Use this setting to reduce the noise in an image. You can use it to reduce the graininess of an image.


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S. D. Quacks, *On the generality of a result of K. Schmidt*, Publ. Math. Debrecen **12** (1965), 97–106.

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