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* Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop, by Bruce Sanderson and Barbara Smart, is a thorough introduction to the tools and features in Photoshop.
* Photoshop for Beginners, by Gary Smits, provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions for a variety of computer graphics tasks.
* Photoshop CS5 for Digital Photographers, by Steve Huffman, teaches Photoshop’s most useful features for the photo industry. This book also includes a chapter on computer graphics in Chapter 3.
* Creating Good Photos and Video with Photoshop, by Robin Schubarth, guides the user through the advanced editing and composition techniques used in postproduction.
* Adobe Photoshop in a Nutshell, by David Blatner, shows you how to use basic tools and techniques in several examples, including one for the photo industry.
* Photoshop CS6 by Mark Stepka and Richard Taylor is an excellent book that covers the significant features and tools in the latest release.
* Photoshop CS5 for Photographers, by Richard Brown and Michael Smith, gives you a thorough overview of Photoshop’s tools and features.
* Photo Graphics for Photographers, by Joe Orton and David Walton, covers the creation of image components in ways that make sense to the photo industry.
* After the Shot: Getting Great Images from the Web, by Ben Longstreth and Laurence Holland, is a comprehensive resource for users of commercial websites.
* Photoshop Production for Photo Producers, by Karl Hansen and John Shelk, provides easy-to-follow tutorials for those who need to produce images that meet the needs of advertising and publishing.


# Post-Processing with Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop’s two main advantages are that it’s _easy_ to learn and _powerful_. Like any photo editing program, Photoshop enables you to perform complex and clever editing tasks like resizing and compressing images and layers, removing or replacing objects, and improving image contrast and sharpness. But unlike a traditional photo editor, Photoshop lets you add or subtract layers to create images of any complexity, including transparency.

In this chapter, I introduce the tools and techniques you need to use in the digital darkroom and postproduction process. Most of the techniques are used in the 2-D and 3-D portions of a photo project, but most people use them in different ways in each.

The next chapter explores the 3-D techniques used in a photo-and-video project

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Compared to the original Photoshop, elements has a more streamlined user interface, and the new design gives it a more intuitive touch. However, it has fewer features and fewer options as well.

The applications can be used to work on images, retouch photographs, design social media, and many other things.

This post contains a list of top 35 Photoshop Elements features. There is also a bonus feature at the end.

As always, you can install and try the features on trial version if you want. If you would like to view the features in full-screen mode, you can click the Play button at the bottom right. You can also play with all features on the Video tab at the bottom.

1. New Filter Layers and Masking

Uncheck “Layers” to apply a new filter to the whole image.

Use “Paint Bucket” tool to add a new layer, and then change its mode to “Color” and press “I” to add any color.

Alternatively, you can drag your layer into the Paths palette to add it to a path. The feature will change the layer to another shape. The new layer can be combined with other layers.

Drag the shape into the Layers palette to convert it to a shape layer, and then apply any filter. If you want to convert all the layers to shapes, hold down the “Command” button on your keyboard and click the box to the left of the layers palette.

Right-click on the layer and use the “Convert to Shape” command to change the layer to a shape.

Use the “Vector Mask” feature to apply a new mask to an existing layer.

Add a shape layer and then fill it with a color. The layer is the mask of the shape.

Use the Rectangle or Ellipse tool to draw a new shape or reposition existing shapes. You can fill it with any color to reveal another layer.

Use the Paths palette to drag the path to the Layers palette and turn it into a shape layer.

You can also paint on a new layer or convert a layer to a path.

To remove a path, press “Delete” on your keyboard, and then click the path to select it. You can now delete the layer.

To convert a path into a layer, hold down

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How to dynamically edit the ID of an element which has been duplicated using add_attributes()?

I am attempting to add a no duplicate field so that when using the # “add_attributes” method that is unique to my products so that when the site user is adding multiple products it is saved to the database. Below is my code:
def create
@product = current_product
flash[:success] = “Product Created” = @product.row_id
@product = current_product>,:user_id=>
respond_with @product
flash[:error] = “Something went wrong”
redirect_to products_path

My add_attributes method is as follows:
def add_attributes(product)
@product = product
unless ==
# product.errors.add(“id”, “This product already has an id of #{}”)
# @product.errors.add(“id”, “This product already has an id of #{}”)
@product.errors.add(:master_id, “This product already has a master_id of #{@product.master_id}”)
@product.errors.add(:user_id, “This product already has a user_id of #{@product.user_id}”)

I have tried using “product.row_id” as the ID for the duplicated record but this produces “undefined method `id’ for nil:NilClass”
The Product model has a foreign key constraint for the Master and User that are linked to.
Is there another way that I can change the ID of the record in the database?


You should try to use It will create an instance variable (or even change the value of product). Also,

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