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What is the price of Photoshop?

Photoshop’s price depends on the level of service chosen, and whether the service includes additional software packages that are bundled into Photoshop like: Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe XD, Adobe Spark, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe After Effects and more.

In the past, Photoshop’s pricing has included a $25 per year subscription fee as well as a one-time payment of $549. As of October 2017, the total price for Adobe Creative Suite 6 — Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign — is $1,339.99 for the one-time fee and a yearly subscription of $25 is required as well.

For most photographers, this is far out of reach. Digital Photography School explains:

As of late 2017, the perpetual license for Photoshop CC is $1,999.00 and gives you access to the current version of Photoshop CC. It also includes Access to Creative Cloud and all of the other software that is part of Creative Cloud.

After deciding which service is right for you, keep in mind that the lowest priced subscription offers can still be prohibitively expensive depending on how many clients you need to work with at once.

How do I know which Photoshop service is right for me?

If your subject matter does not include the creation of fancy objects or complicated shapes, you can opt for a free trial to Photoshop Elements. The trial version offers full control over layers, without the need to purchase a subscription as you do with the paid version.

If you enjoy Photoshop’s flexibility but find its approach to photographic manipulation a little slow, then you may want to consider Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which packs all the functionality of Photoshop into a program that is more streamlined for photographers, explained Aly Gohn, Product Marketing Manager at Adobe.

It’s very easy to use and the program has many helpful features that professional photographers can take advantage of. For example, it has automatic image cropping, for spot removal and it is designed to display straight away. You can process large collections of photos at a time with Lightroom.

However, if your primary intent in photography is to create post-processing styles with graphic manipulations and design elements that you can apply to your photos, then Photoshop is probably the right choice.

You may find the process of using Photoshop relatively intimidating. Adobe hopes that their new CC subscription model will make the program a little more user friendly and drop-in

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Get Photoshop Elements for Mac, iPad or Android from the Mac App Store (Windows 10 coming soon)

Get Photoshop Elements for Windows from the Windows Store

Get Photoshop Elements from the Google Play Store

Learning Photoshop Elements from Scratch

Photoshop Elements is an easy-to-use graphics editor. However, it doesn’t come packed with lots of features like a professional version. It is a good tool to start learning Photoshop or to get familiar with the basic features. If you are an absolute beginner you might find a free online tutorial that will help you start.

The tutorials we recommend are from the folks at Adobe’s Creative Cloud site, which will teach you all the Photoshop Elements basics you need to know. As you get more experienced, more complex tasks will be familiar to you.

In these tutorials we will be going through the following tasks:

Basic image editing tasks

Basic tool features

Basic brush features

Advanced masking techniques

Advanced erasing techniques

Advanced image adjustments

We will also be adding comments at the end of each tutorial so that you can check what you have learned.

But first – if you are familiar with Photoshop you may notice some differences in the learning process. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible, so if the tutorials don’t look familiar, it’s because we are simplifying the experience for you.

The process of learning Photoshop will differ for each person so the tutorials can only be a starting point.

The first few tutorials will be quite short and easy, the medium-level tutorials will cover more advanced topics and the advanced tutorials will cover the maximum capabilities of the software.

You can jump into the advanced tutorials and get familiar with advanced techniques without wasting time if you feel like it.

Tutorials 1 and 2: Basic image editing tasks

This tutorial will give you a good understanding of how to open and edit images in Photoshop Elements. It will also teach you the different tools and features you can use to edit your images. It is not necessary to have already used Photoshop before starting this tutorial – but it will help you if you do.

In this tutorial you will learn:

how to open and import images into Photoshop Elements

how to adjust colors and contrast

how to edit and resize images

how to add layers to images

how to add effects such as filters, frames and stickers

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How to add a value to a querystring?

I’m using MVC with jquery to create a web service.
What i need to do is to append a value to a querystring.
For example:

I need to do something like this:

The “MyID” have to be a dynamic value.
I know that the code above is not correct but i have no idea how to do this.
Hope you can help me!


If you are using JQuery to build the request, then the string could be wrapped in a call to $.param() like this:
var params = {};;
params.image = ‘C:\Users\Vincent\Desktop\test.jpg’;
params.token = 12345;
params.MyID = ‘123’;
var queryString = $.param(params);

Since it looks like your controller is expecting the querystring parameter to be named command, you should add another parameter to your method to handle that, and then call the current API method with the wrapped querystring values, like so:
public string DeleteImage(string command, string id, string image, string token, string MyID)
// code…


R, ggplot2: How can I print the geom_path in a report in a separate figure?

I need to know how I could print the geom_path plot in a report.
I’m doing a plot like this:

What’s New in the?


Mimosa in the wild

The fairytale of the wild mimosa is coming to an end. At least in some areas. Where I live, the wild Mimosa are on their way out and now, I have to either pay for the fuel or the time to travel to the next garden. I will dearly miss them.

A few months ago I was told by one of our generous gardeners that she had found the first Mimosa seedlings at the edge of the forest. I had no idea as to what this really meant for them. Would they survive their first winter? Would there be enough food for them to grow? Would they produce roots so they could spread further? There are plenty of problems and risks that the Mimosa face but they still attract people to them.

So, with the help of Prof. Claes d’Ambrosio I bought some mimosa seeds from the Netherlands. I’m glad I did, as the young seedlings are really sturdy and will likely survive winter and keep growing. I hope to give them the protection they need.

The day I planted the mimosa seeds, I didn’t know that Mimosa had a half-life of 62 years (decay on the wild plant). Fertilising in February? Is this the best time to plant new mimosas?

Most people in Europe do not realise the lifespan of a wild Mimosa. Mums can last over 60 years. If you want to find out more about Mimosa, I have written a book on it (in Dutch). If you would like to know more about Mimosas, have a look at my article.

How do Mimosas make their friends?

Mimosa loves your garden. But will it help you sleep?

What can I do to have more Mimosa in my garden?

Simply mimosa is great. The growth speed of the plant will be the fastest in the garden once it has grown for about 7 to 10 years. However, one of the dangers is that it makes a lot of noise and attracts wasps and birds.

If we put the seeds into a pot and water them well, we could take them inside and prevent them from making noise.

Another way to protect your Mimosa is to fill a large compost bin with all your kitchen waste. If you place the pot in the middle of the compost bin, it will surely

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Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2600K / AMD Phenom™ II

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