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In this article, we will demonstrate how to make that classic black and white image from another color image a little more interesting through editing and retouching.


This tutorial provides the basics for editing a photograph. We will use a picture of a banister as a canvas for our image. However, you can apply these same techniques to any image.

1. Open the Image

2. Copy the Background

Click on the Image. Once the Image is open, click on the ‘Arrange’ tool and choose the ‘Move’ tool. Click and drag the ‘Move’ tool over the Background image you would like to use as the canvas.

3. Select the Background

Click on the Background layer to select it. Then click on the ‘Arrange’ tool and choose ‘Smart Object’ from the ‘Edit’ menu.

4. Create a New Layer

Click on the ‘Arrange’ tool, the menu item I marked with the red circle in the image below. Then click on the ‘Create a New Layer’ button. Rename the Layer ‘Banister Background’ and then create another new layer on the same canvas. You’ll need to have one additional image layer created at this point.

5. Apply the Blend Mode and Opacity to the Background

Make sure the Background layer is selected, then in the ‘Effects’ menu bar, choose the ‘Blend’ icon (shown above). In the ‘Blend’ menu, change the ‘Blend Mode’ to ‘Normal’ and set the ‘Opacity’ to around 50% (see the image).

6. Apply a Layer Mask

Once you have finished applying the ‘Blend’ layer, you’ll need to protect the area of the Banister that you want to retain and protect from editing. To do this, create a layer mask. Click on the layer mask icon in the lower left-hand corner, shown above. Then click and drag out the mask to the size you want the mask to be. Then, select the paint brush tool in the ‘Tools’ menu and click on the canvas where you want the new mask to be.

7. Merge the New Layer

Click on the ‘Merge Layers’ tool and choose the ‘Flatten Image’ button at the bottom. Now you should only have the image layers you want and no other layers.

8. Erase the Edge with an Eraser

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Features of Photoshop Elements

Below is a list of features in Photoshop Elements to help you decide which version of Photoshop you would prefer.

You can read more about the Features of Photoshop Elements on Adobe’s website.

You can also read our Photoshop Elements guide to find out more about how to use some of Photoshop’s tools in Photoshop Elements.

Basic Editing Tools

Importing Images

You can open and save your images in the following file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, TIFF, PDF, CUR and more.

You can also import images from digital cameras, scanners and email, and you can even drag and drop image files from your hard drive.

You can set Photoshop Elements to automatically import images that have been tagged with image metadata, such as camera and scanner information. Learn more about tagging images.

You can tag your images at the time of import if you have multiple folders of images that you want to be tagged automatically. Learn more about auto-tagging.

You can also create new folders and set up a template for your images to be saved. You can save your images into one of the following image formats: JPEG, TIFF, GIF and PNG.

Editing Tools

You can use the Adjustments Panel to adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, color temperature and many other settings.

The Adjustments Panel contains presets, such as the Photo Retouching, Black and White, Healing and Viewing Panels, and more. There are 25 additional panels that you can add to the panel list.

You can adjust each individual color channel as well as the hue, saturation and value (HSL) of a color.

Use the other tools in the panel such as the Spot Healing Brush and Brush Tool to create new images, repair images and smooth images.

You can crop your images using the Crop Tool and the Rectangle and Ellipse selection tools.

You can also resize your images, and you can apply blur and zoom to make your images look great.

You can use the Clone Stamp Tool to create new images on an image or to remove objects from an image. The Clone Stamp Tool works perfectly in Photoshop Elements 11 and above, but you can still access the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop Elements 10 if you have to open a Photoshop document that is saved in any earlier version of Photoshop.

You can use

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System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)
3GB of available space
a 64-bit processor
Additional Notes:
The game has a system requirements that only refers to Windows 7 and higher.
To maintain the best performance on lower end PC hardware, we recommend that you set the texture quality setting in the options to “Low”.
It is advised that you use DirectX 12 with a minimum of version 12.0 when playing the game.
Please note that DirectX 12 is not

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