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PHOTO GALLERY 6 Apple MacBook Pro & MacBook Air Specs

The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are Apple’s two new mid-level devices that come with the latest Intel processors.

The most affordable of these is the 13-inch MacBook Pro, while the more powerful MacBook Air offers an 11-inch display.

They’re the first versions of Apple’s standard laptops to feature Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, which offers faster performance, more capability and increased battery life, though they don’t come with a dedicated NVIDIA graphics processor.

The new MacBook Pro has high-resolution Retina display built in, along with a new Magic Keyboard that’s 100 percent backlit with a Force Touch trackpad that’s available in two sizes.

The MacBook Air gets a lower-resolution Retina display, but has a Force Touch trackpad. It also offers Intel Core i5 or i7 processors as well as 64GB to 512GB of flash storage.

PHOTO GALLERY 5 Windows 10 Assembling Your Windows PC

The new 10-inch Windows tablet from Microsoft is ideal for the casual user who wants an inexpensive, portable Windows computer that can be used for basic tasks, though it doesn’t have the same software selection or power of Windows laptops.

It uses Intel Atom processors and comes with 32GB to 512GB of storage and can be upgraded with more storage.

Unlike other tablets that run Google’s Android software, Microsoft’s Windows 10 tablets can be used with the company’s Office Pro Plus software, and can be connected to a keyboard and mouse to be used like a traditional PC.

They also feature a touchscreen that can also be used as a digitizer for handwriting input, along with a fingerprint reader. A 1-MP front-facing camera is also included for video calls and selfies.

The smaller Surface Pro 3 also comes with the same features as its larger brother, along with a new longer-lasting battery that gives up to 12 hours of usage, and the ability to connect to a keyboard and mouse. The smaller version of the Surface Pro 3 is ideal for portability and content creation, with a 12.3-inch display and more battery life.

PHOTO GALLERY 4 Microsoft Office 2013 Free Upgrade

Microsoft Office 2013, the most recent version of its Office productivity suite, is now available for free. It includes word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, along with other software that

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Apple doesn’t provide anything special to allow it to run flawlessly on any kind of Mac computer. Many people all over the world use Apple products and they all run smoothly. Some people use Apple’s operating system for more than a decade and they never experienced any problems in the past.

Apple’s macOS system can be open-source software and the source code is available for everyone to read and study. The users of macOS are sharing their experiences with their friends and praising Apple for creating such a great operating system.

Despite the fact that Apple is one of the most recognized companies in the world, many people are confused about what is true about its software and hardware. Microsoft is also considered as one of the leading companies in the world, but there are some misconceptions about its famous operating system as well.

In this article, we will give you all the information you need about Mac:

What is the difference between macOS and OS X?

Is Apple making it difficult to use an Apple product in a non-Apple environment?

Why does macOS require two different versions to run and download?

Is Mac a Linux-based operating system?

What’s the difference between Mac and MacOS?

There are two different operating systems available for Mac users. The first one is macOS and the other one is OS X. Both systems are different in their technical specifications and features. In this article, we will cover both macOS and OS X, so you’ll be able to understand how they work and the basic principles behind them.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X is considered as an upgraded version of the previous macOS. macOS is released with minor changes and updates at the time while OS X is released with major upgrades.

When you install the Mac OS X operating system on your Mac computer, you will receive a.dmg file. This file contains an image of the installation package and a symbolic link to the freshly installed macOS. A symbolic link is a special kind of file and it helps to get access to the files that are hidden on your computer.

Mac OS X is an operating system. It has a graphical user interface (GUI) and it includes a complete collection of modern graphical tools for the users to perform different activities. Mac OS X is very popular for being used as a desktop operating system.

MacOS is a multipl

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/* tslint:disable */
/* eslint-disable */

import { ReaderFragment } from “relay-runtime”;
import { FragmentRefs } from “relay-runtime”;
export type RecentStories_item = {
readonly id: string;
readonly slug: string;
readonly subscription: {
readonly node: {
readonly ” $fragmentRefs”: FragmentRefs;
} | null;
readonly location: Location;
export type RecentStories_item$data = RecentStories_item;
export type RecentStories_item$key = {
readonly ” $data”?: RecentStories_item$data;
readonly ” $fragmentRefs”: FragmentRefs;

const node: ReaderFragment = (function() {
var v0 = {
“kind”: “ScalarField”,
“alias”: null,
“name”: “id”,
“args”: null,
“storageKey”: null
return {
“kind”: “Fragment”,
“name”: “RecentStories_item”,
“type”: “RecentStories_item”,
“metadata”: null,
“argumentDefinitions”: [
“kind”: “LocalArgument”,
“name”: “slug”,
“type”: “String!”
“selections”: [
“kind”: “LinkedField”,
“alias”: null,
“name”: “subscription”,
“storageKey”: null,
“args”: null,
“concreteType”: “Subscription”,
“plural”: false,

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Searching multiple words in a document and returning key-value pairs of multiple keywords in Python

So I have a list of keywords called keywords, such as:
keywords = [‘cats’, ‘dogs’, ‘bears’,’squirrels’, ‘gorillas’]

and also another list of text strings that I’m searching, such as:
search_text = [‘bears’,’squirrels’, ‘gorillas’]

I need to find all of the matches of the keywords in the text strings, and return the key-value pairs of the matched keywords, in this case:
{‘bear’: ‘bears’,’squirrel’:’squirrels’, ‘gorilla’: ‘gorillas’}

This is my code so far:
keywords = [‘cats’, ‘dogs’, ‘bears’,’squirrels’, ‘gorillas’]
search_text = [‘bears’,’squirrels’, ‘gorillas’]

def filter_all_search_text(document):
filtered_documents = []

for x in keywords:
if x in document:
return document

I then tried to do a nested for loop, hoping that it might be able to return the key-value pairs of multiple keywords for multiple text strings. However, that hasn’t worked either:
def filter_multiple_search_text(document):
if document not in keywords:
return None
filtered_documents = []

for x in search_text:
for y in keywords:
if x == y:
return filtered_documents
return None


Use set intersection:
In [50]: {k for k,v in keywords.items() if v in search_text}
Out[50]: {‘gorilla’, ‘bear’,’squirrel’}

You can also use intersection

System Requirements For How To Download Photoshop Fix:

PC Minimum:
OS: Windows XP SP3 (32bit or 64bit)
CPU: Dual-Core 2GHz or better
GPU: DirectX 10 compatible with Shader Model 3.0
DirectX: Version 9.0c
HDD: 7.5GB
Resolution: 1280×720 (fullscreen)
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 10.1 compatible
Additional Notes:
– Single player campaign available on PC,

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