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Adobe Photoshop is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix/Linux. However, it was designed to work with a mouse, as well as a digitizing tablet like the Wacom Cintiq.

Designing and Editing Text

There are two applications for text: Adobe Illustrator (see the section titled “Illustrator”) and Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator is more of a creative-oriented program than Photoshop. Photoshop, however, can be used for graphics and text too, so it’s good to know the differences. Illustrator is ideal for non-photographic work, such as logos and print advertisements. Photoshop is for photo-related work and, though it can be used for non-graphics text work, it’s a perfect program for graphic designers and other creatives. To determine which program to use for different styles of work, follow these three guidelines:

Know the difference between what you want to do. Illustrator is for creating vector art, whereas Photoshop is for creating vector art and photos. If you’re looking to create a logo, use Illustrator; if you’re looking to create a photo, use Photoshop.

Know which skill set is the weakest. If you’re skilled with the first two, Illustrator and Photoshop, start there.

Know your strengths and your weaknesses. The products that each program offers varies drastically. For example, Illustrator’s font-editing tools are designed for print work. Photoshop’s, on the other hand, is more geared toward photo editing. If you’re a young person starting out in an artistic field, start with the program that’s least daunting to you. Later, if you want to dabble in photo editing, you can use the Photoshop.

Find out what tools they have to offer. It’s important to consider what features the graphic designer, designer, illustrator, photographer, and so on have access to. Can they produce high-res, quality photos? Can they manipulate photos? Are they able to create vector art? Do they have a solid understanding of type? Do they use layouts and pre-composed frames?

Illustrator is a tool that is designed to do specific tasks. Not only is it easy for beginners, it makes working with large images easier. You can have multiple open files, and you can even do all your work on a single file. Photoshop has more complex controls and features but has made the opening of multiple files easier, as well. And it’s far more powerful.

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Photoshop’s quick adjustment features to make your photo look better, from changing the brightness of an image, the contrast of an image, or applying a filter, to quickly adding text, symbols, and even emoji characters to images. This tutorial teaches you the fundamentals of the quick adjustment dialog box, helping you learn to apply the available controls in Photoshop.

Learn how to work quickly and easily to apply adjustments to your photos, by using the Adjustments panel, the Quick Adjustment (QA) dialog box, or both.

Things you will need

Clear image

Sharpened image

Rules of thumb

It’s true that Photoshop’s adjustments have limited features and can’t be used like those of other software, but they are really simple to use. You can apply these tweaks to images quickly, without spending a lot of time in the details. Even basic adjustments like brightness, contrast, and levels will help you make changes that you wouldn’t have been able to do with the traditional adjustment panel. Photoshop’s adjustments are not as powerful or capable as that of other programs, but they are simple to understand and use, and they are a great alternative for the adjustments that are available to you on a traditional photo editor.

Adjustments available for the photo on the left

Let’s start with the brightness, saturation, contrast, and level adjustments. These are the most basic adjustments, and they can be used to make your images look a bit better.

Edit the photo with these basic adjustments

To start, make a new, blank, 8-by-8-inch (20-by-20-cm) document using the image you want to edit in the blank area. In addition, keep the document resolution at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). When your image is in the document, press the Enter key on your keyboard to accept the changes.

To make adjustments to brightness, contrast, saturation, and levels

Click the Brightness/Contrast icon (the icon with an arrow pointing up) on the menu bar (the menus that run along the top of the screen).

Select one of the adjustments that appears in the Brightness/Contrast menu. For example, click the Contrast icon.


The Brightness/Contrast icon changes to indicate which adjustment you are making.

To make a

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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden participates in a climate forum at New York University in New York, U.S., October 15, 2019. (REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)

Joe Biden got into it with a heckler at a New York University climate forum who called him “two-faced,” and while Biden argued the sound of the protester’s words should not be silenced, Donald Trump quickly had some words for Biden.

Biden was speaking at a town hall style event Monday night where he answered several questions from the audience of students, who included a small number of protesters. A heckler interrupted Biden and said “you’re two-faced for supporting the Trans Pacific Partnership,” the Associated Press reported. Biden immediately responded:

You are an embarrassment. I will not be silenced. This is a public university and you are on taxpayer funded, and you’re making this about Donald Trump. Don’t tell me about a fair hearing. You are an embarrassment and you are making this about Donald Trump. You want to get away with this? Get away with it.

The heckler can be heard making the comment at around the five-minute mark in the video posted by the Daily Mail.

The heckling continued, prompting the moderator to cut off the event, NPR reported. “You’re two-faced,” the heckler continued. “You’re just like the president.” The situation continued for a few seconds.

Biden responded to the heckling before the event started, saying that students should not be censored while speaking in public places.

“I can’t believe, I’m sorry, when somebody says that to anybody, I am, I’m going to, I’m, I’m so sorry. I have a daughter who is a professor at a college, you know, who teaches how to argue — and she would not permit, she would not have been permitted to be silent. And I don’t understand what the heck is going on here,” Biden said to applause from the audience.

“I’ve tried to be calm,” Biden added. “I mean, I don’t know what, what happened to this country. I don’t know what happened to this country. You can be — I mean

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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DirectX: Version 9.0c
Internet: Broadband Internet connection
Mac OS
OS: Mac OS X 10.9
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz

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