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Ever wonder why some people, when trying to modify a photo in Photoshop, end up with “garbled” or distorted images instead of the ideal look they are after? Read the next sidebar, “Garblings, pixelations, and blobs” (to learn about fixing them).

Garblings, pixelations, and blobs

The “garblings,” pixelations, and blobs in images that are created by Photoshop users are either the result of misunderstanding image editing or of bad image acquisition. This issue is more prevalent when using old image formats such as JPEG.

Basically, they are created because an image came out of the scanner, camera, or other device a bit soft. Without various image-fixing options to correct the problem, the soft image is converted to a sharp or silvery looking image with a lot of random jagged edges in it. Unfortunately, this look was once quite common, but today even very popular photographers and artists can create serious garblings, pixelations, and blobs in their images.

Many image-editing software programs can fix these problems. You can find out which programs work best for creating or fixing these problems by reviewing the program’s features and trying them out.

Garblings, pixelations, and blobs appear in photographs or images that have been edited using many different programs, including Photoshop. Some of the programs listed in this book are more effective at fixing these problems than other programs. However, the programs that work best to fix these problems are usually better programs than those that do not effectively remove this problem from an image.

When images are exposed in low light, or are shot under fluorescent lights, digital cameras, or color lights, they may not record enough information to make a clean image. Because the image lacks details, it can appear soft or fuzzy.

Figure 8-1 shows an example of a garbled photo.

**Figure 8-1:** Distorted images are common today.

Overlay to repair

To fix pixelation, add a mask to an image. Mask is a word that many people hear used but may not know what it is. The mask overlays the image so that you can select where you want to keep the image unchanged and erase where you want to modify the image. In Figure 8-2, you can see that the light has been blocked off, but the area outside the light was altered.

Note that if you’re working on

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Photoshop is a robust graphics editor used for image editing. A user of Photoshop can add text or layers, create new images, and save them in various file formats. They can also use the tools to correct mistakes in images, change their look, or turn an image into a web banner or video.

Photoshop supports four major file formats: Photoshop (PSD), Adobe’s native file format used in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (AI), the vector-based graphics format used in Adobe InDesign, and TIFF. Other file formats supported in Photoshop, such as JPEG, GIF and PNG, are also accepted.

Photoshop can save files for use in all the major browsers. However, saving an image as GIF, TIFF or PNG produces graphics of a low quality.

Photoshop is a large program, and it has also become the standard program for image editing due to its extensive and useful functions.

One of the best graphics editing software available, Photoshop is popular for it’s unique editing features. Whether you’re a beginner who just wants to change a color, or a professional who may also want to change the look of an image, Photoshop can help you edit photos for all occasions.

Reduce: Keeps it simple, and reduces the size of files with the help of layer masking.

Create Rectangular Tiles: The rectangles can be set to any size within the boundaries of the original photo.

Reduce: Keeps it simple, and reduces the size of files with the help of layer masking.

Move: Move the actual changes in each cropped or reduced image to the new location in the screen.

Layers: Allows you to insert a new layer into the same image for better control.

Move: Move the actual changes in each cropped or reduced image to the new location in the screen.

Layers: Allows you to insert a new layer into the same image for better control.

Effects: Keeps it simple, and provides the ability to apply several pre-selected edits to an image.

Divide: This feature enables you to split a photo into different parts.

Horizontal/Vertical Marquee Tool: Useful to select specific areas of the photo.

Change Color: Allows you to make a color adjustment quickly.

Ratio: Allows you to control the scale of the selected image.

Bevel & Emboss: This effect

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Our Family & Adventures

Thursday, October 18, 2016

We were recently in Illinois to visit my parents and we picked up a new recipe. My family loves pizza. When a guy sits down with a slice and a beer, it’s a food bonanza. It’s been a while since we made this recipe and my husband was on a mission to find the ingredients. I’ve never even seen a ton of ghost peppers, but even though the recipe uses a large amount, it only adds a pop to the taste. I think the vodka, garlic powder and pepper flakes take it to a whole new level.

As with all our recipes, we use a 17″ cast iron skillet from Costco. If you don’t have one, you can easily find a cheap 16″ or even a 12″ in the same price range.

We like this recipe with the toppings on or off, but you can try it with the toppings, (or even no toppings at all!) on for a crunchy kick. Either way, it’s a winner.

Friday, October 5, 2016

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything and I do have good reason. I have been busy busy busy with my new job. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I love teaching pre-schoolers! I’ve also been spending quality time with my family. My cousin and her husband have been traveling a lot this past few months, and we’ve been spending every weekend together (and then some!) but before this, we’ve had a lot of quality time at my parents house. My parents have always had lots of quality time with us and that’s a good thing!

I finally broke down and had some bacon. Seriously? I’ve been drooling over bacon for awhile, but I have a hard time actually buying it. It’s my weakness. I’m not sure why. When my parents come to visit, I usually have bacon. So I finally bought a package of bacon. After the first night, I wanted to eat it all. I love this drizzled on pizza, or as a topping on salads, on chicken, on my pasta, and even on my potato salad. I am not sure what I will use it for next, but I will be sure to share it with you.

Feel free to use my recipe as an inspiration for your next Halloween party or baby shower!

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OS: Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8.1 x64
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Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon RX 460
Storage: 60 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes: VirtualBox 5.0.22 or later and Citrix XenApp v6.6.0.0 or later are required. Support for Windows Server 2012 or later and Citrix XenApp v7

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