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Photoshop is a graphical user interface with a host of features. It uses layers that allow you to resize, drag, arrange, or rotate them within the image at any time. This allows for all kinds of image manipulation. Some of the tools that a user can use include the following: Adjustment Layer

The Adjustment Layers are used to enhance and adjust areas of an image. The Adjustment Layers are a new feature that was released with Photoshop CS5. These layers can be altered to levels not available in the Photoshop CS3, and later, version and are great for enhancing the image, removing blemishes, changing color, or fixing lighting.

The Adjustment Layers can be attached to Layers and adjusted to levels unavailable in earlier releases of Photoshop.


Also known as Blur, this tool is used to blur an image. A Blur filter can be applied to one or multiple layers in an image. A Blur layer will not move the content as it is applied.


The Smooth tool is used to apply the “blur” of a gradient filter to an image. One of the coolest features in Photoshop CS5 is the ability to create and apply animated GIFs. Using the final layer of the GIF, the “Scratch” tool can be used to create a star shape or a heart shape. When you click on the image layer itself, the “Scratch” tool can be used to create great custom graphics.

Gradient Map

The Gradient Map can be used to simulate the shape of a gradient in an image. The gradients can be modified with the Gradient Map tool. The Gradient Map can be created on its own layer or attached to one or multiple layers in an image.

Layer Styles

Layer Styles can be applied to a layer in an image. Layer Styles include Stylistic, Bevel, Glow, and Emboss, and work like a regular layer in an image.

Note: Effects can be edited but cannot be deleted.


The Eraser tool is used to remove unwanted parts in an image. The Eraser tool works like a regular layer in an image and can be attached to any number of layers in an image.


When using the Scroll tool or the Wheel tool, it moves objects by automatically moving that object to the next or previous position it needs to be when the tool is used.

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Despite being a cheaper alternative, Photoshop Elements is a powerful and functional graphics editor as well.

In this post, you’ll learn how to use Photoshop Elements effectively for:

Editing photos

Creating new photos

Designing web pages

You’ll also learn how to use various filters and effects in the Graphics panel to create unique artistic images.

You’ll also learn about the options available in the Edit menu when working with images. We’ll highlight popular features that are especially important when you’re working with images for the web, such as transforming images and using filters.

We’ll highlight the options available in the Properties panel when working with images. With this panel, you can add and modify text, create smart objects, apply brushes and paint, create 3D objects, and more.

Finally, we’ll show you how to modify images using the versatile Selection Brush.

How to Open and Close Image Files

You can use Photoshop Elements to open, save and close image files. You can also open image files from other programs, such as Microsoft Word, and you can save file types other than image.

To open or save a new image, follow the steps below.

Open a New Image

In Photoshop Elements, click the New button on the Home tab.

button on the tab. In the File Name (which is automatically set to `Untitled.jpg`) field, enter the name for your file, such as `TIMOB-sunset.jpg`.

field, enter the name for your file, such as `TIMOB-sunset.jpg`. Click OK.

Save a New Image

In Photoshop Elements, click the New button on the Home tab.

button on the tab. In the File Name (which is automatically set to `Untitled.jpg`) field, enter the name for your file, such as `TIMOB-sunset.jpg`.

field, enter the name for your file, such as `TIMOB-sunset.jpg`. Click OK.

Open an Existing Image

In Photoshop Elements, click the Open button on the Home tab.

button on the tab. In the File Name (which is automatically set to `TIMOB-sunset.jpg`) field, enter the name of the existing file, such as `sunset.

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that guided him when he had to decide whether to sell an asset.

“Eric had a high-level view of the business, but all his decisions had to be approved by someone,” says Demain.

Demain has done more than anyone to help restore O’Loughlin’s reputation.

Since leaving Sears in early 2011, he has started a recycling business and cofounded a company called S.O.A.R. (Suicide Prevention for Those Affected by Recycling) that provides free lysol-like cleaners to recyclers.

One day he heard O’Loughlin speak on the radio and decided to make a direct appeal to him. In the guise of an informal interview, he came right out and said, “I know you, and I know what you’ve been through, and I know how you feel.”

He continued with his usual warm, funny sales schtick and soon O’Loughlin agreed to an interview.

Now, O’Loughlin is working closely with Merrian Brown, author of “Moments of Doubt: And Other Stops Along the Way” and “Sell More, Scrounge Less: Secrets for Amazing Sales.”

Brown is a long-time friend of O’Loughlin’s who has written three books about her life. But in the last two years, she has also become a friend to his old colleagues.

Together, she and O’Loughlin are working on a new book, tentatively called “The Art of Selling: Designing Innovation that Lasts.”

Here’s what is new about the last two years for O’Loughlin:

• He’s still fired up about innovation. He’s famous for saying he’s out to “do the impossible,” which may explain why his innovation record since leaving the company is almost as good as it has ever been.

His biggest innovation since leaving the business has been working with Brown to establish an educational charity called Run with Ideas. O’Loughlin is the president and director.

Since 2009, O’Loughlin and Brown have been backing an engineer named Tanner Anderson, whose work created a business that reaches more than a million people a day in 100 countries through a free service called Vox. The service is similar to Google, where you type in a question and it comes up with a search suggestion.

Another innovation was AisleBuyers, a

What’s New in the?

Tyler Seguin doesn’t have a lot to show for his time in Dallas Stars organization. (Arn Tellem/The Dallas Morning News)

For the first few months after graduating college, Tyler Seguin was spending most of his time in pajamas and he often got away with it because he seemed so out of place.

His roommates were 21, and he was nearly 30. He’d start and end his day at coffee shops. He wasn’t attached to anyone and for the most part, he didn’t care. It seemed as though he was just taking it all in until a friend told him it was time to settle down.

From the beginning, Tyler took the advice to heart.

For the first time in his life, Seguin was alone and doing what he wanted.

“That was a really exciting time,” he said. “I felt like I was growing up and I was also getting to know myself. I knew I wanted to have kids one day, I just didn’t know when.”

After graduation, Seguin moved out of his college apartment and into an apartment in Dallas with three of his best friends. They’d spend every spare moment together and then get into trouble. Seguin would ride his bike to bars and hang out with the local skateboarders. It was full of fun, trouble, and hard drugs.

“We were basically a pack of 20-year-olds,” he said. “It was just all about our independence and being able to be ourselves and figure it out on our own.”

Then one afternoon, the four friends were hanging out in the apartment when they found Seguin’s old computer on the floor.

“It was a MacBook Air,” Seguin said. “I was really proud of that computer because I put in like a year and a half of work into it and I was sad when I sold it. I came home from work one day and I remember seeing it on the floor.”

From that point on, Seguin started looking for a new apartment. He started calling around looking for a place for all four of them. No one was willing to rent him a room at a time, so he ended up taking the one bedroom available. When he moved in, his two friends moved

System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements are designed to allow the game to be played on a standard PC.
Windows 7 or later
Dual-Core Processor
NVIDIA, Intel or AMD graphics card
1.3 GHz Processor
1024 MB RAM
1 GB HDD Space
Internet Connection
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“EA has confirmed to


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