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The users’ manual for Photoshop is much more than a list of options and features. You need to be diligent in reading all the text and studying the examples. For this book, I cover the basics and show you how to use them. I also offer some of my favorite Photoshop tips and tricks.

The programs I cover in this book work on both Macintosh and PC platforms.

## System Requirements

You need a minimum of a PC or Mac computer equipped with a Pentium, Athlon, or Core 2 Duo processor, two gigabytes of memory, and a CD-ROM drive to start. For optimal performance, have at least 4 gigabytes of free disk space. Windows XP or OS X is recommended.

## Foolish Assumptions

I assume that you are familiar with the concepts of layers and combining layers to create complex composites. You’ll find a good number of good tutorials on the Internet for tutorials. Furthermore, if you want to become a pro, you should know how to work with layers.

## Icons Used in This Book

The icons used in this book designate certain key concepts.

Tip icons show you where you can find good information to save you time or troubleshooting.

The Getting Started icon points out the places where you can download source images for this book.

The DVD icon marks the bonus DVD/CD provided by the publisher for a limited time only.

A Chive logo points to free online tutorials from the creative community.

## Beyond the Book

The CD/DVD that accompanies this book contains bonus chapters.

To access the bonus content, simply follow the steps:

**1.** Insert the CD or DVD into your computer’s drive.

**2.** Double-click the icon named ` __Bonus.psd_` found on the CD/DVD.

If you’re reading this book in a digital format, you need Adobe Reader to view the icons and other special formatting used in the book. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free at www.adobe.com.

# Chapter 1
Getting Started with Photoshop

Photoshopping is easier to understand when you first understand what’s going on behind the scenes. The following sections start you on the path to exploring Photoshop. If you’re a graphic arts graduate with Photoshop experience, you should be good to go in no time.


Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners Pdf Free Download Crack + Free Download [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

Here are 31 good reasons for using Photoshop, and 27 of them use Photoshop, or alternatives. The list, compiled by me, is a collection of excellent reasons to use the software for web design and graphic design.

1. Digital Imaging

Photoshop has an interface built for designing images. Like any other software, it is used for web design and graphic design and you can also use it to edit photos.

2. High Quality Images

High-quality images are required for print and web. Because Photoshop is used for web design, a lot of digital cameras are created for web use.

3. Lightroom

Lightroom is an image editing and managing software, you can even design an image from Lightroom.


It’s an open-source photo editor. You can easily learn Photoshop from GIMP.

5. PhpStorm

It’s a powerful IDE for PHP. You can easily learn Photoshop from PhpStorm.

6. VSCode

It’s an open-source web development IDE, you can easily learn Photoshop from VSCode.

7. Pixelmator

It’s a free alternative to Photoshop.

8. Affinity Photo

It’s a professional cross-platform photo editing software, it can be used like Photoshop.

9. Affinity Designer

It’s a professional web design and web development tool.

10. Efficient

Adobe Photoshop is a software that is used by professional and hobbyist photographers to edit images, create new images, and retouch images.

11. Value for money

Photoshop is always a software that is used by a lot of people and you can choose a good quality software at a cheap price.

12. Designs

Designs are more beautiful and professional with Photoshop.

13. Foto Jet

It’s a free alternative to Photoshop.

14. Final Cut Pro

It is a professional video editing software.

15. Versatility

It is a versatile software that is used to manage, edit, retouch and create images, graphics and videos.

16. RAW Software

RAW software is a great tool to edit or create high quality images.

17. Printing

It is a great software for printing.

18. Web

Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners Pdf Free Download

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System Requirements:

Requires DVD drive
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP OS
512MB of RAM
Must be updated to latest version
Hard Disk
20MB of free space
DirectX 9.0c
Viewing Software
Requires a DVD player and media drive
If you have a dual-layer DVD, you will be able to playback both layers
USB Device


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