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Often used in graphic design, image manipulation and editing is also a great skill to learn for the webmaster. The web is made of images, and understanding how to use Photoshop to manipulate images for web use is an important skill for your digital toolbox.

Photoshop has advanced feature sets that enable you to create digital art with great ease. Adobe has made it easier than ever to share, manipulate and alter images and to create original images that you can then brand and publish.

We highly recommend that you master this program to provide a solid foundation for your digital design and development career. For more information on Photoshop, go to ``.

The dark arts of picture editing

A picture’s purpose is to give you a visual snapshot of the world around you. Sometimes picture editing requires a little artistic polish to achieve that goal.

If you want to, you can edit pictures to eliminate a blur on an object, add an object where it isn’t, and give an otherwise unrecognizable photo an individuality. The following sections present a basic overview of some of Photoshop’s picture-editing features and how they can make your pictures look a little different.

Sharpening pictures

Digital cameras, scanners and, of course, Photoshop all produce pictures that can appear a bit soft. That means that the most common tool for bringing out the details of an image is a sharpening tool. You apply this tool, and your image appears sharper and more detailed.

The easiest way to sharpening an image is with a control point tool. Use this tool to select one or more areas of an image, the same way you select a color from a color palette. Open a document from any perspective and use the Move tool to select one or more control points.

Select the Image menu and choose Adjust ⇒ Sharpen. The Sharpen dialog box appears (see Figure 3-1), where you can define the amount of sharpening by adjusting the value setting.

**Figure 3-1:** Sharpening brings out the details in a picture.

Because the Sharpen dialog box shows the current sharpening level (see Figure 3-2), you can specify sharpening effects in the View menu and automatically adjust the value accordingly.

**Figure 3-2:** The Sharpen dialog box lets you fine-tune sharpening effects.

Photoshop enables you to sharpen with a brush, or you can apply a filter to an

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Photoshop Elements is a straightforward utility for editing photographs, but it can be difficult to figure out how to do everything. Having a basic understanding of Photoshop Elements can make it easier for you to use this powerful tool.

So if you want to learn how to use Photoshop Elements and create high-quality images, then you need to learn how it works and which features to use.

For more tips on Photoshop Elements check out our list of the best Photoshop Elements tutorials.

Update: This guide was updated for macOS High Sierra. The latest release is for OSX El Capitan. The latest version is named Photoshop CS6. You might find it easiest to use Photoshop CS6. Click here to see other Mac versions.

If you haven’t yet purchased Photoshop Elements 14, use our recommendation guides to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

How Photoshop Elements Works

Photoshop Elements is a graphics program for desktop computers. It provides the tools to create or edit photographs, works as a digital camera, and is also suitable for work with art, graphics, web design, and more.

It contains all of the tools you need to edit, transform, add special effects and use some of the advanced features such as advanced color editing, creating advanced masks and layer effects.

You can also make adjustments to pictures taken using a digital camera, create a photograph from a video sequence, and much more.

The interface is so easy to use that you can pick it up quickly. However, beginners can find it difficult to use and should only use Photoshop Elements if they understand the most basic concepts.

The major difference between Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements is that the former is a professional version with many more features and complex tools. Elements is more streamlined for beginners and hobbyists to use.

Elements is easier to use because it’s designed for photographers, graphic designers and video editors. Photoshop is more complex but it also includes many professional tools.

Design, Edit and Transform Photographs with Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is made for people who want to edit photographs, and is more suited to people who want to use it as a graphic design program.

It contains the tools to edit pictures and photographs so you can make them look the way you want.

It’s easy to learn how to use Photoshop Elements because it’s designed for photographers and graphic designers. You can simply edit images for the kinds of jobs you might do as a photographer

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How do I protect my iOS application from video recording?

I want to protect my iOS app from recording video. The video doesn’t use the front facing camera, so I can’t use the existing turn-off alert and lock interface.


As Jacob already said, that is not possible on iOS at this time. However, since iOS 7, there is a way to do this with MediaFaceKit. This is explained here:


Sure, you can : Just take a look at the Apple’s documentation about the front/back camera : I think you can disable them or better, you can create your own notification (see here, here, here or here for more informations about this topic).

By adopting the ‘Singapore’ approach, India can integrate the SAARC into the ‘Asian Tigers’ and create a new economic architecture for our region’ – Maj. Gen. Gopal Krishna Gokhale (retd)

Some interesting comments by the late Gopal Krishna Gokhale, the architect of the Dominion of India, and one of the early planners of the creation of the independent Indian Union, might bring some relevance today.

Gokhale — a major political figure of the India of that time — raised as big a wave as his countrymen’s prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, had created. Many planners — retired, active and senior-level — would naturally argue in contrast that Gokhale has the comparative advantage in the planning phase but Nehru was the more politically astute.

Gokhale — a trained lawyer and a scholar — wrote some interesting commentaries while he lived in the United States in the 1930s. He saw the key to India’s future lies in the wave of nationalism that would engulf most of Asia (his observation was referring to the entire Asia but he might have given an extension to the region south of India that India now sits within).

Gokhale has said that South Asia was like a bear, he said, and had very limited options.

South Asia had two choices: first, either to be a geographic appendage of the subcontinent and itself a part of the then mighty British empire, or second, to distance itself from the erstwhile mother country and to

What’s New in the?


NO. PD-0294-09





Per curiam. Keasler and Hervey, JJ., dissent.

           The petition for discretionary review violates Rule of Appellate Procedure 68.5
because the petition exceeds 15 pages.
           The petition is struck. See Rule of Appellate Procedure 68.6.
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Court of Criminal Appeals within thirty days after the date of this order.
En banc
Delivered: November 18, 2009.
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
Windows 10 (64bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @ 2.3 GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU @ 2.3 GHz Memory: 1 GB
1 GB Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or NVIDIA GTX 950M
Intel HD Graphics 3000 or NVIDIA GTX 950M Hard Drive: 10 GB free hard drive space
10 GB free hard drive space Video Card: 1GB graphics card or higher
1GB graphics card or higher Internet: Broadband Internet connection

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