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AceIPFinder Portable Free IP Finder is one of the most portable and convenient IP Finder software available, which may be used to locate IP address and hostname on your computer.

Find IP Address for any website. IPFinder is a fast and powerful website name and IP address finder, which enables you to find website names and IP address. It supports more than 50 search engines, and provides a complete solution for finding IP address.

FAST: Find IP address, Hostname and more..
AceIPFinder can quickly find your IP address or host name to quickly identify site.

Perl syntax highlighter for win32.
This free software provides a Perl syntax highlighter for Windows. The syntax highlighter used
here provides highlighting for Perl language elements such as comments, labels, reserved words,
if, while, else, etc.

Great tool to debug network connections and find the problem with IpAddress monitor!
You can quickly create dynamic text file and edit it each time when connection is lost. It monitors network connections for you and you do not need any of those tools to detect network conections.

Wondershare Free Virtual Router allows you to setup virtual routers on your own PC and share the internet connection from one PC to another.
It allows you to create a private network and share connection with your friends or other users on the internet.

Ad-Aware Free is the lightest of our popular free security programs. It has the same new and important improvements, that put Ad-Aware Free is one of the most popular anti-virus and anti-malware applications.


Netpbm 1.72
Program that allows you to print image files directly to a pixmap and save
it to a file in a number of different image formats (including some RGB
and X11 formats). Based on PBM and PPM extensions and supports

103.75 KB


AMZ Decompiler 2.0
AMZDecompiler is a powerful decompiler for AMZ and other ZIP files, it can decompile any ZIP,RAR or 7z archive without prior installation. It can also decompile PDF,XLS and OLE files. AMZDecompiler is a…

12.06 MB

IPFinder Portable 7.21.2001 For Windows [Latest]

– Windows: Portable
– Language: English
– User: Techyti

IPFinder Portable Torrent Download Description:
– Windows: Portable
– Language: English
– User: Techyti

IPFinder Portable Crack For Windows Description:
– Windows: Portable
– Language: English
– User: Techyti

IPFinder Portable 2022 Crack Description:
– Windows: Portable
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It features a robust user interface with a modern and intuitive layout. The cam control panel shows more info on your webcam, such as the frame rate, the focal points, and a preview image of your webcam’s preview window.
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IPFinder Portable 7.21.2001 With Serial Key

* Easy to use.
* Quick to learn.
* No installation required.
* No effect on the Windows registry.
* No extra files on your disk.
* No data collection.
* Free edition.

DNSMASQ is a network services proxy server that runs as a daemon on every computer in the network.
It is designed to be run on top of DNS, BIND or ISC BIND in order to simplify DNS query handling.
The DNSMASQ server accepts queries from the clients, caches those in a local database and answers them back with the contents of the caches.
Information about responses can be logged for analysis in the future.
The DNSMASQ also acts as an authoritative DNS server and answers query, so anyone who needs that feature is also covered.
DNSMASQ provides DNSSEC validation, meaning that encrypted DNS answers are available through the local authority as well.
In case of a conflict between DNSMASQ’s cached data and the external authoritative source, the local answer is sent as is, and the external one is used only if it is either requested by the client or a local DNSMASQ query was made with the –force-external-cache or –force-external-cache-is-local directives.
* Local cache of DNS queries and their results.
* DNSSEC validation (recommended).
* Caching of both authoritative (external) and recursive (internal) DNS queries.
* Provides the DNS records in the format/response-code/fields-present/content-encoding/content-type/content-length/date.
* Full DNSSEC support, including unauthenticated, traditional and signed DNS records.
* Laundry list of operations.
* Encryption of both DNS queries and replies.
* DNS forwarding support.
* Upgrading support.
* Bind and ISC BIND configuration.
* Built-in DNSSEC validation.
* Manual tweaking of cached DNS records.
* Compact configuration file.
* Caching of multiple domains.
* Command line arguments and configuration file optional.
* Simple query/answer format.
* Tutorial.
* Manual and automatic-answer clean-ups.

DNSMASQ is a network services proxy server that runs as a daemon on every computer in the network.
It is designed to be run on top of DNS, BIND or ISC BIND in order to simplify DNS

What’s New in the IPFinder Portable?

The most powerful and efficient tool to identify IP addresses from a URL.
It is not time consuming; you can have all the information in under five minutes.
It does not require any installation; just download and run.
It is very easy to use and does not require setup.
The program is very fast; IPFinder identifies addresses in under 5 minutes
The information from the IPFinder results can be exported to a plain text document, clipboard, or even to a PDF document.
This small lightweight file is easy to send to anyone who needs the IP addresses, providing a priceless resource.
The results can be saved for further analysis and can be optionally deleted.
No trial was found for this software.
More programs by: VrBR

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Fire up the Radar Google Map – a free open source Java GIS mapping software.
The Radar Google Map is a free, open-source Java (J2SE) software that can display a map of your neighborhood from Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps, or any other map provider.
The Radar Google Map displays maps with large zooming levels. Use it to locate objects (e.g. houses, parks, schools) on a

System Requirements For IPFinder Portable:

PS Vita
Xbox 360
Preferred Language:
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