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The File menu on the side of the Photoshop window contains a Save and Save As dialog box. The Open dialog box looks much the same way, so you may wonder how you can access the Save and Save As dialog box.

1. **Choose File** ⇒ **Save**.

You’re returned to the File menu (see Figure 5-7), which now contains a Save dialog box. In the dialog box, you see a familiar set of options.

2. **Choose Save As**.

Photoshop selects a new name for your image and asks where you want to save it.

3. **The name you type in the Save as dialog box opens in your image file. Click Save**.

The dialog box closes and Photoshop creates your new file. Usually, this process is fast, but if something goes wrong, you’ll get an error message and can return to your file to correct mistakes, fix problems, or simply try again.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20 Free

Photoshop Elements is a free and powerful alternative for the professional Photoshop. The most popular features for photographers, graphic designers, web designers, Discord emoji creators and meme-makers all use Photoshop to edit images, create new high-quality images, or both.

But Photoshop or Elements does not offer everything that Photoshop does. Here are the top ten things you will miss if you give Photoshop Elements a try.

Polaroid Effect

Photoshop has the classic Polaroid effect that can turn an image into a poster or a scrapbook. Photoshop Elements has a new built-in effect that allows you to turn photos into postcards.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support all the features in Photoshop. To use the Polaroid effect or Posterize effect in Elements, you need to opt-in for it in the Edit menu. (Note: The Polaroid effect is very easy to use. You can even apply it to any one of the layers in your photo.)

Supported Photoshop Elements functions: Polaroid Effect and Posterize Effect.

Unsupported Photoshop Elements functions:

Polaroid effect in Elements is limited to layering masks and filling

Editable text

Text effect

Gradient Background





Text effects

Layer effects

Traced type, paths

Intelligent Scaling

You can adjust image sizes and proportions.

You can resize images to a single canvas size.

You can also crop images at a specified percentage of the canvas size.

You can edit the individual pixels of the image with the Transform and Align functions.

Elements gives you much more control over cropping images.

Batch Processing

Resize images in a batch mode.

Create masks that replace specified pixels of your image.

You can also use one image to crop many images at the same time.

You can apply the same adjustments to multiple images at the same time.

Elements offers a much better batch processing mode and masks.

You can generate masks with the Pen tool without dragging a line or any other drawing tool.

Elements allows you to create masks and apply them to all images or layers at the same time.

Delete Irrelevant Layers

In Photoshop, you can select multiple layers and delete them all at once.

Elements does not provide the same feature

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How can I disable the “Failed to add to playlist” error?

I’m using the Flash Player 10.2 r102.
I’ve built a Flash-based game. It opens fine when the Flash Player is the first downloaded. But if the user has already installed a previous version of Flash (9, for instance), the app opens with the error: Failed to add to playlist.
Is there any way to disable this pop-up?


In Flash Player 12, release 102, you need to alter your app’s manifest file:

And use a different file name if you’re running the app in Adobe AIR:

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System Requirements:

Category Predicted Minimum Recommended Operating System Version Windows 2000 Window* 10, 64-bit (Windows 7, 32-bit, Vista) *Windows XP and Server 2003 32-bit Windows 10, 64-bit (Windows 7, 32-bit, Vista) Windows 7, 32-bit Windows XP, 32-bit (Windows Server 2003 32-bit and above) Windows Server 2003 32-bit Windows 2000, 32-bit Windows NT 4.0* Windows NT 4.0 Windows NT 4.0* *Windows NT 4.0 was not tested on some of the machines,

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