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Following the official announcement of Passkey last year, many companies, including Apple, have already adopted the new standard for their apps and operating systems. With iOS 17, password manager apps can also offer native passkey support, and 1Password is now open about how this will work once it’s available.

1Password and passkey

Passkey is a new technology developed by the FIDO Alliance in partnership with companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Instead of traditional passwords, users can now sign in using secure authentication methods like facial recognition and biometrics without having to create and enter a passcode.

Starting with iOS 16, users can create and store passkeys using Safari and iCloud Keychain. With iOS 17, this same experience will be available for third-party apps as well. He’s also one of the first companies to announce that the popular password manager 1Password is working to add passkey support to its iOS app.

As detailed in the blog post, new APIs in iOS 17 allow password managers to create and use passkeys within other apps such as Safari. “Our developer took immediate action and is already hard at work integrating the new Passkey API into his 1Password for iOS,” the company said.

1Password is a short video showing what happens when you use a passkey in an app on a device running iOS 17.

Earlier this week, 1Password released beta support for passkeys on desktop via an extension for web browsers. However, passkey support on iOS won’t be available until the official release of iOS 17 this fall.

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