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11 great games you can play on your iPhone

Remember 2048, the viral sensation of 2014, described by the Post in 2014 as “nerdy, minimalist and (and) frustrating”? Introducing Threes, the better designed predecessor of the game.

In Threes (similar to 2048), swipe tiles up, down, left and right to combine the same number of tiles and try to reach the maximum number possible without filling the board. But in almost every way Threes is better than 2048. No ads. The tiles move one space at a time, and the preview bar at the top shows what kind of tile is coming next, making it easier to control and help you think through your execution. Also, some of the tiles you slide in the 4×4 play space are decorated with little faces, which is very attractive.

If you like short puzzle games, Threes is for you.

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