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Best AI Chatbot App

Now everyone uses popular AI chatbots like ChatGPT on the web, but what about mobile apps?

Luckily, after separating the good from the bad, these top picks will help you find the best AI chatbot apps for both iOS and Android.

AI Chatbot App Comparison Chart

Here are the features and comparisons of the top five AI chatbot apps:

Best AI Chatbot App OS Free/Credit Photo or OCR speech assistant art generator?
OpenAI ChatGPT iOS Same as no yes no no
AI chatbot Nova Android/iOS 3 credits / 3 days trial no yes yes no
Bing Chat powered by AI Android/iOS free yes yes no no
spirit Android/iOS The 10th yes no yes no
ChatAI AI chatbot Android/iOS Four days no yes no yes

1. OpenAI ChatGPT – Best chatbot app for iPhone

Is there a better chatbot than the official ChatGPT app itself? It’s only for iOS, but Android has a lot of apps based on the underlying GPT model, so if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you’re all lost It does not mean.

Those who do can get the app for free using GPT-3.5. Her latest GPT-4 requires the premium version of the app. In either case, the experience is almost identical to the browser version of, and you can even sync your account and resume previous chats.

In addition to sending regular text messages, the app supports voice notes, which are instantly converted to text and edited before sending to the bot.

In addition, there is also a live text button that can launch the camera and read the detected clear text. For example, restaurant menus, book pages, signposts, etc. This text is not copied right away, but you can use the prompt to perform the task.

Perhaps you are a foreign traveler? You can ask ChatGPT to translate the signposts. Or maybe you want to quickly summarize a page in a book or ask for the ingredients of a dish on the menu.

Its functionality as an assistant is still very basic, but OpenAI promises more plugins and integrations in future releases.

Available for: iOS

2. AI Chatbot Nova – Best AI Conversation App (Speech Synthesis)

AI chatbot app Nova

Nova is basically the app version of ChatGPT with extra features like OCR to text, fast response and premium full chat history. With ChatGPT 3 and 4, you get as accurate responses as

Nova is one of the best of its kind on Android, offering a few handy categories of prompts in case you’re not too creative. For example, you can tap a name generator, relationship advice, caption ideas, and more.

Other categories, such as buying tickets or learning, are more helpful. For example, link to available ticket sites or teach about climate change.

One of the standout features is speech-to-text. With this, if you ask a question out loud like a voice assistant, it will respond with on-screen text as usual.

You can sync multiple devices with one account. It also supports 40 languages.

Available for: Android | iOS

3. Bing Chat with AI and GPT-4 – Best Free AI Chat App

Bing AI Chatbot App

A versatile chatbot that combines Bing Search and ChatGPT for finding information, getting inspired, or just having a conversation.

We will answer your questions in a comprehensive and informative way, even if they are open-ended, challenging, or bizarre. In addition, it can process information from the real world through Bing Search to ensure consistency of responses and search results.

Choose from a variety of creative text formats such as poetry, chords, scripts, musical compositions, emails, letters, and more. It’s all powered by GPT-4, so you get the latest OpenAI experience.

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You can also generate questions from images that contain text. This works on the fly from a saved image or by taking a picture. Or create a snapshot of something and enter a query about it. For example, based on a picture of a wilting plant, you can ask what’s wrong with the plant.

Available for: Android | iOS

4. Genie – Best AI Assistant

Genie Best AI Chatbot App Assistant

The Genie chatbot is aimed at users who are not used to asking open-ended questions and are unsure of the best way to formulate their queries. Instead, some presets are provided to guide you in the right direction.

This includes suggestions like ‘what is this image about’ and the option to upload an image. Or “Summarize this webpage” with the option to add a URL. You can also do this with PDF files.

Under the (Explore) tab, you’ll find details categorized by content (writing tasks), artists (creative tasks), businesses (advertising, job postings, etc.), personal (apologies, pick-up lines), emails, and social media. Masu. , coding, etc.

They’re not just dummy shortcuts to the same chat window either. Tap Code to select a programming language. Tap “Improve Text” to choose the tone of your rewrite.

Wishes act as a credit system for Genie. You can get 10 per day for free, but you can also pay a premium his account for more.

Available for: Android | iOS

5. ChatOn AI Chatbot Assistant – Best App for Writing Tasks

ChatOn AI Chatbot App

ChatOn is a great chatbot with features that exceed your expectations. It acts as an AI writer’s aid, rewriter, and always-on spell checker. It’s also great at generating usable code.

Of course, it’s powered by the GPT-4 API, so it has a base level of competency and will almost always provide human-like responses that it can almost always understand.

It’s an assistant, not just a bot. So whether you’re pitching a business idea, creating social content, or simply having trouble coming up with the right wording when sending an SMS, ChatOn can help.

One interesting feature is the reliability booster. This can revitalize your writing with emotion and flair. Summarizers, on the other hand, break down redundant content into more manageable chunks.

Available for: Android | iOS

Poe Best AI Chatbot App Aggregator

Poe is more than just an overnight app, as it has the distinction of being developed by the same people as the popular Q&A site Quora. It has a fast and simple interface that you will quickly become familiar with if you have used chatbots before.

Its main advantage is the ability to aggregate different AI models or “bots” to power your app. The default is your own Poe assistant, but you can also use GPT itself, Claude, Google PaLM, etc.

This is useful for prioritizing different bots for different tasks. For example, he might use GPT for basic questions and another bot for code-related questions. Plus, if you don’t have a useful answer, you can easily switch to another answer to see if it gives you better results.

It also has access to 16K and 32K versions of GPT, allowing longer responses.

Poe will give away 30 credits daily for Claude and Calude2 and 1 credit for GPT-4 for free. You have to pay for the rest.

Available for: Android | iOS

7. AI4Chat – Perfect for Google Bard

AI4Chat Bard Chatbot App

It’s also an AI chatbot aggregator, but only for Android. It made the list because it’s the only tool that supports his ChatGPT rival Bard on Google.

Other options include ChatGPT, ChatGenie, Bing, Claude, Character.AI, YouChat and Poe. The latter is a bit confusing as it embeds one chatbot aggregator into another.

AI4Chat has a simple design that includes a parent menu bar at the top that allows you to log in to each chatbot of your choice. My only complaint is that it often signs me out when I close the main app.

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No extra features here, but a quick and free way to access leading AI chatbots in one place on Android.

Available for: Android

8. Socratic – Great for AI learning

Google Socrates App

Google’s Socratic is a little different, as it focuses solely on AI teaching and learning, rather than general questions. For that purpose, this is the best chatbot for iOS and Android.

You don’t even have to type your question. Use the microphone to discuss or take pictures of tricky math formulas or scientific concepts, and get immediate answers as well as directions to relevant resources.

This is where this app should be commended. This is not a rogue app, it provides annotations, diagrams, and other online resources to genuinely help users learn.

We support a wide range of skill levels from high school to college. You can also choose from six languages: English, Spanish, Indonesian, French, Portuguese and German.

However, it is worth noting that STEM subjects with clear answers perform better than English Literature and Philosophy.

Available for: Android | iOS

9. Ask AI – The fastest interface

AskAI chatbot app

Ask AI is one of the older and more stable GPT mobile app chatbots, available in all languages ​​supported by GPT itself.

When you open the app, you will be presented with several suggestions, such as answering science questions, helping with essays, or translating texts. After completing the static wizard screens, the main options are:

Science chat, English teacher, translator, math teacher, essay generator.

They all go to similar chat windows, but with pre-formatted prompts that are useful for the above scenarios. For example, tapping “Math Teacher” pre-populates the chat with:

“I want you to be a math teacher. I’ll give you some formulas and concepts, and it’s your job to calculate them. My first request is…”

You can then enter your request.

Available for: Android | iOS

10. ChatAI AI Chatbot – Perfect for AI Art Generation

ChatAI chatbot app

This is another GPT-driven chatbot assistant with a premium plan to access GPT-4. You can ask straight questions or use the list of topics as a guide. When chatting with a bot, normal text input and voice are supported, but there is no camera option.

However, it also integrates Midjourney for AI art, which makes it stand out from the rest on this list. Just tap the “Midj Art” tab at the bottom to get started.

Then select the image size and art style (anime, painting, pixel art, etc.). Fill in the prompts at the top and press Generate to complete the process. The downside is that he only gets two free trials until he purchases a premium plan. It also does not support conversion between images.

Overall, this is a great app if you want a standard chatbot and AI image generator all in one. However, some people can do both well separately. Also watch out for annoying interstitial ads.

Available for: Android | iOS


Whether you’re looking for the best AI chatbot app for Android or iOS, the above solutions are for everyone.

For iOS users who need ChatGPT, please use the official app. On the other hand, Android users have plenty of alternative apps that utilize his GPT.

Nova has the best voice integration and Bing is great for taking pictures. Poe and AI4Chat, on the other hand, bring together all your favorite AI chatbots into one app for him.

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